Mother’s Day Essay

A mother is the first teacher and the first friend of her children. She carries her child in her womb for nine months and nurtures her little one with all her heart and soul. She can decipher every gesture of her children since the time they are born. She loves her children unconditionally and guides them on the right path in life. She takes care of her children and ensures their safety in every way. We celebrate Mother’s Day to thank our mothers, expressing our love and gratitude for them.

Origin of Mother’s Day 

The celebration of Mother’s Day first started in the country of Greece, and now it is celebrated in every part of the world. Every mother is devoted to her child throughout her life. Measuring the depth of a mother’s sacrifice is not possible for anyone nor can we repay the priceless favors and love of our mothers. It is our duty to take care of our mothers and to respect and love them. Mother’s day is celebrated to make our mothers feel special and shower all our love on her. Though it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, every year, yet, we should celebrate every day as Mother’s Day to make our mothers feel special.

Methods of Celebration 

Every child wants to celebrate Mother’s Day in a special way. Some bring gifts for their mothers, some cook for them, some cut cakes. Some people celebrate it at home, some go out and celebrate it. Of all the expensive things, handmade gifts always hold a special place in the hearts of our mothers. Some people take their mothers for a day-out and spend quality time with their mothers.


Mother is the first person that a child seeks for on returning home. She takes care of her children from their birth until her last breath. We cannot even count their innumerable contributions to our lives or all that they do from morning to night. Mothers continue to perform all their duties and responsibilities, throughout the day, even if they are tired. They never expect anything in return for all the love they shower upon us and the way they pamper us. However, we can say a big thank you to our mothers for all that she does for us. 

We should obey our mothers and treat them with respect. It is a mother who shapes the character and personality of her children. All mothers play an important role in the growth and development of their children. She takes care of everything that her child needs. A mother is the first teacher of her children. She loves her children dearly, and in every difficulty, she stands by her children and guides them through thick and thin. It is a mother who stops her children from wrongdoing and dissuades them when they tend to go on the wrong path. She scolds them and guides them onto the right path, that’s why a mother is referred to as the first teacher of any child.

For a mother, her whole world is around her children. It is our duty to take care of our mothers, to never let them be unhappy, to never disrespect them, and no matter what to not leave them when they are hard on us. A mother always motivates her children, encourages them to move ahead and work harder in life. A mother’s happiness always depends on her children, if her child is unhappy she can never be happy.

No matter how old a child is, when he comes home, he wants to see his mother first. When a child is in trouble, he runs to his mother for help. She forgets her desires while fulfilling the wishes of others. She feeds her children by preparing their favorite dishes, she narrates new stories to her children. She also helps in preparing her children’s school projects, she also helps them with their studies. Mothers teach their children good manners, equity, morality, and humanity. In fact, for every child, his mother is the most precious gift of his life.

Celebration in School 

Mother’s day is celebrated with great pomp in many schools. Mothers are invited to their children’s schools on this day. On this day children adopt different methods to make their mother feel special, some children prepare essays for their mother, write a speech for them so that they can tell them how special their mothers are to them. Some children prepare cards for their mothers, some sing songs, while some get their mothers her favorite things. On this day, many games are played in schools in which mothers participate with their children.

Mother’s Day Celebrations in Different Countries

Mothers are respected in every culture of the world. They are considered the ultimate symbol of sacrifice. They are known for their love and affection throughout the world. Every country celebrates Mother’s day in a different way.


Australia has a long history of celebrating Mother’s Day filled with different customs. Mothers are given flowers and a visit to the church is customary. The mothers that lost their children during the war were honored by other members of the society.  


Celebrating Mother’s Day was not a part of the tradition of Bangladesh. It was introduced to the people due to the increasing influence of western customs. It is still not celebrated in many parts, however, people from urban areas usually celebrate it with a cake or some gifts.   


In Brazil, Mother’s Day was initially promoted by the Catholic Church. However today it is celebrated with families by exchanging gifts like a western holiday. It has not been declared as an official holiday. 


Mother’s Day has not been declared a holiday by the government of Canada. It is a private function held with families. Mothers and grandmothers receive gifts from their families.


Initially, it was seen as a US holiday. However, the government permitted its citizens to celebrate Mother’s Day. It is justified on the grounds that the holiday falls in line with the ethics and traditions of the Chinese people.

Therefore, Mother’s Day is celebrated in China to show respect and honor to the mothers. People usually buy flowers for their mothers. Lilies and carnations are the most popular choice here.


Celebrating Mother’s Day became a common practice in Egypt and Arabic countries only in the latter half of the last century. It is done by playing songs and showing respect and gratitude to mothers.


The idea of celebrating Mother’s Day became popular in France during World War I due to US soldiers posted there. The government of France started awarding mothers with large families. However, today it has become a commercial holiday and is celebrated by giving gifts and cards. 


In Germany, the celebration of Mother’s Day began to promote the idea of motherhood. Initially, the holiday was not about recognizing the individuality of the mother. Rather it was an attempt of the nation to increase its population. It was declared as an official holiday and awards were given to mothers that had a large number of children.


Initially, Mother’s Day was not celebrated in Mexico as it was seen as a capitalist holiday of the US. However, in modern times, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm to honor mothers. The day usually begins with a special song for the mother and the rest of the day families spend time with their loved ones. 


In Nepal, Mother’s Day is celebrated either with the entire family or by performing a pilgrimage. The whole purpose of the day is to recognize the sacrifices and hard work of mothers and to honor them with gifts and love. 

The pilgrimage is performed by visiting a pond that is considered holy. It is done with the purpose of bringing peace to the soul of the mother. It is celebrated according to the position of the moon in the atmosphere.


Russia commemorates the selfless and heroic qualities of women. It is common to celebrate women’s day and Mother’s Day together in Russia. 8th March marks the contribution of women and is declared as a holiday by the government. 


In Spain, Mother’s Day is celebrated not only by the children but by the entire family. Gifts are given to mothers by every member of the family. Children usually prepare the presents themselves or with the help of their class teachers. 

In Spain, the month of May is attributed to Mother Mary. Mother’s Day is therefore celebrated on the first Sunday of May.


In the United States of America, mothers are honored with flowers. It has become a tradition to celebrate Mother’s Day by buying coloured carnations, cards, etc. People who have lost their mothers usually buy white carnations. It is also popular to visit a church on Mother’s Day. 


The bond of a mother and her child is so special that it is cherished forever, by children and their mothers. One day is not enough to celebrate motherhood and we should make every day as special as Mother’s Day to shower our love upon our mothers. We should acknowledge all the little things that our mothers do for us every day. No other gift can be more special to a mother than her children’s love and respect. So let us pledge to make every day special for our mothers and fill her days with warmth and joy.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where Was Mother’s Day Celebrated for the First Time?

The celebration of Mother’s Day was first started in Greece.

2. When is Mother’s Day Celebrated?

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, every year.

3. How Can We Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Some bring gifts for their mothers, some cook the favourite dishes of their mothers, while some bake cakes for them. Some people celebrate this day at home, some go out and celebrate it. In many schools, the mother’s day is celebrated and every student’s mother is invited to be a part of the celebration. On this day, some children prepare essays for their mothers, write a speech for them so that they can tell them how important and special their mothers are to them. Some children prepare greetings cards for their mothers, some sing songs, while some dedicate dance performances to their mothers. On this day, many games are played in schools in which mothers take part with their children.

4. How is Mother’s Day celebrated in India?

Mother’s Day is celebrated on Sunday. It is celebrated in different ways by every family. Some people give flowers to mothers while others like to give handmade gifts. Some people cook for their mothers. All these are methods of showing love and respect to all that the mothers have done for their families. 

5. Is Mother’s Day a Western holiday?

The tradition of designating a particular day to mothers originated in the West. However, every culture honors mothers. Mothers are respected throughout the world for their sacrifice. Even though the concept of this holiday has been borrowed from the West, the feeling of gratitude towards the mothers is universal.

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