Me and my big mouth – Short Essay

I am really frank about myself. I want people to know me as I am. And I won’t hesitate, not even a bit to announce with a loud voice that, I have a big mouth! I am the incarnation of a big mouth! I contain all the possible traits a big mouth can have.

I am talkative, I can talk for long hours without being exhausted or even feeling thirsty. I also can’t keep a secret for a long time and I just vomit and spew everything out. People don’t know me by my name alone, they add ‘his big mouth’ after my name. They say, ‘look! There come Raju and his big mouth!’ That means I am never alone. It is always me and my big mouth.

I take my big mouth as a gift. I think my big mouth really helps me to survive in this world. I can talk for long hours which means I can thoroughly explain my point to anyone. Also, I can’t keep a secret and I tell people about other people’s secrets which means I keep them updated with all the latest news and facts about people, hence making them happy. But, there are some people who think that my big mouth is a real bane. They say that they get tired listening to me speaking incessantly and without a pause. They say that my talks don’t make any sense and I just keep burbling around without any fruitful results. Also, they say that I am very dangerous as I am an open book of secrets and I can reveal things about them that they don’t want anyone to know. I don’t like these people. They don’t realize my true potential.

Now let me tell how my big mouth is a gift. There was a foreigner who didn’t speak our language and didn’t understand it either. He urgently wanted to go to the toilet and was asking everybody but nobody was able to explain! I came and told him that there are no toilets here but, he wasn’t getting it. I didn’t lose hope and kept on explaining until he urinated in his pants! See! He clearly understood that there are no toilets around so he urinated in his pants! Also, my friend told me secretly that he is a thief and I revealed this secret to the police and got him caught! But, people would still think that my big mouth is a bane. I don’t care about people! I have my big mouth accompanying me.

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