Long and Short Essay on Football – 2 Essays

Essay on Football – Long Essay 1.


Football is a very popular sport around the world. This sport is played by two teams each having eleven players. This sport is also known as soccer.

The game involves the players passing around the ball in a rectangular field and scoring the ball into the goal of the opposing team.


Football can be traced back to over 2000 years ago. A similar version of the sport is believed to have been played in the countries of China, Central America and some parts of Europe like Rome and Greece. However, the advancement of football happened in England and it was where it grew to become the modern day football. In England, the first rules for playing the game were formulated. The first football clubs were also formed in 1789 in England. In the 19th century, there was the formation of the first football governing body that was called the English football Association. It was also the century that saw the first world football competition called the FA Cup. The first world competition was between England and Scotland in the month of November 1872. Over the years however, the sport started gaining popularity across the world and it has now become one of the world’s most favorite and popular sport.

Basic rules of football

  1. A football match takes a total of 90 minutes. The players play for 45 minutes and go on 15 minute break and then come again to play for another 45 minutes.
  2. Each of the two teams has a maximum of eleven players which is inclusive on one goalkeeper.
  3. The players can only use their feet, head or chest to maneuver the ball. The players should not touch the ball with their ands or arms and only the goalkeeper is allowed to do so.
  4. Any time that a team kicks the ball goes outside the side line; it can only be thrown back to the filed by the other opposing team.
  5. There is a referee and two linesmen who control the game.
  6. goal is scored by heading or kicking the ball into the goal of the opposing team.
  7. The ball used must be spherical in shape that should have a circumference of between 27 to 28 inches.
  8. In case of fouls and misconducts, free kicks and penalties are given by the referee.
  9. The sport is only played in a rectangular field that should be green in colour. It can be a field made out of grass or made of artificial material.

Importance of football

  1. Football has laid a platform where the youth can advance their talents. Those who are talented in playing the sport end up earning a lot form it once they gain recognition.
  2. Football also has health benefits. Like any other sport, it requires to regularly exercise and train to become good at the sport. It hence helps the players in burning fat and calories and improving their physical health.
  3. Football helps in making friends and molding the art of team work. This is because one gets to know the importance of being in a team and how they can contribute towards the success of their team.
  4. Football has also led to the creation of employment for many people. This not only applies to the players but it also applies to those people who are employed by football clubs and association.
  5. Football is also a sport that has promoted global cohesion. This is through the international competitions like The FIFA World Cup that brings together fans and players from all over the world.
  6. Football is also a major source of income for countries. This is through the taxation of the players, clubs and associations. They also get economic benefits when matches take place in their countries.

Football in India

Football is a sport that is popular in the country of India. In India, the sport is governed by the All India Football Federation. It is an affiliate body of FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation. The Indian Football team has never competed in the FIFA world Cup but it has had the chance of competing in the Asian Cup. However, in 1950, the national team had the chance of competing in the 1950 FIFA World Cup but it never has the chance to do so due to high costs of travel and internal team issues. Besides the Indian Football national team, there are other teams like the Under-23 team and the Under 17 team. There is also the Women’s football team. In the recent years, the national team has won several matches like the Nehru Cup where they won against Syria in August 2007 and August 2009. They also won the AFC Challenge Cup in August 2008 after wining against Tajikistan. They also qualified for the 2011 AFC Asian cup but they were knocked out in the group stages. Over the years, the national team has progressed and it has defeated the Argentina U20 team in the 2018 Cotif Cup and also the U16 Iraq team in the AFC U-16 Championship.


Football is a sport that has been in existence for thousands of years. However, over the years, the sport has advanced to become the modern football as we know it. This sport is also the most popular around the world. It is the sport with the largest fan base in many countries.

Short Essay on Football – Essay 2

Football is one of the most watched game in the history of the sporting world. It is widely known across the world, having a lot of fans and supporters. One of the good sides of football is that it does not need a technical instrument before you can arrange and play football. Unlike other sports like basketball, lawn tennis, etc. which requires a specific set up before you can play it.

Facts and features of football

  1. It is a game of 22 players and one referee but locally at home, you can always play with a fewer number.
  2. Football does not require big facilities. This is why it is widely known and accepted because you don’t just watch them play With just an open ground and soccer, you can play in the neighbourhood.
  3. Football has been in existence as far back as 1864.
  4. Football is recorded to have about 250 million players across 200 countries.
  5. Football was not shown live on TV until 1937.

Benefits of football

  1. Football has brought people from a different continent together in unity.
  2. Playing football locally is a good way of exercising the body.
  3. Football is a source of income not only to the players but officials, photographers, etc.
  4. Playing football in the neighbourhood helps your kid to be fit and skillful.
  5. Football aids aerobic reaction in the body.
  6. When kids play football, their thinking faculty is sharpened.
  7. As a viewer, watching football is a means of relaxation.


Football is a widely known game with fans across continents. It is beneficial to health and when it comes to football, we all speak the same language.

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