Life: The Value of Life – Short Essay

The Value of Life is realized by us, subconsciously every time we breathe in and out. Because, if the breathing stops, then Life stops. Though we feel we control the act of breathing, and all the processes that run the Life in our body; in reality when our life begins and when our life will end is not in our hands.

So the real Value of Life lies in the deeper realization that the beginning of life is beyond our control and the end of life is beyond our control. With that realization one starts looking at Life as a very special Gift or a Miracle that we have an opportunity to experience. Once our attitude changes to this perspective, we start appreciating the Value of Life in every moment we are alive.

Significance of the Value of Life

We can look at the Significance of the Value of Life through a few examples:

Service to Mankind

Great human beings like Mother Teresa, Dr. Prakash Amte, etc. have utilized their Life Value to uplift the Value of Mankind around them. They have spent their lives in the Service of Mankind. This is one aspect of the Value of Life. You too can take inspiration from this and use the Value of your life to help others.

Transformational Change

Great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, etc. have used their Life value to effect great transformational social change in the lives of millions of people. You too can decide to use the Value of your life to cause some social change around you.

Path to Happiness

Great Spiritual leaders like the Dalai Lama, Gautama Buddha, etc. have shown us the Path to Happiness with the Value of their Life. We too can utilize the true Value of our Life to help ourselves and other towards their true inner happiness.

Value of All Life

It is important that you realize the Value of Your Life. So that you can appreciate its inner beauty. But simultaneously it is also important to appreciate the Value of Others’ Life. Learn to respect the life in the Plants and Trees. Learn to conserve the Life of Animals and Birds. And also learn to respect the Value of the life of all other Human beings, just like you respect your own.


Realizing the inner Value of Life is the key to being happy in life.

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