Letter to Bank Manager | Format, Sample, Tips and Guidelines on How to Write a Letter to Bank Manager

Letter to Bank Manager: Banks are a prominent part of our society. Moreover, almost everyone has a bank account as it is required to avail facilities like ATMs, net banking, loans and more. For some of those facilities, you will need to visit the bank in person. However, some facilities may require you to send an application addressed to the manager of a bank. In such cases, you will have to write a hand-written letter or an email. In this article, we shall explore how to write an application to your bank manager’s letter and request for the concerned facility.

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What are the Scenarios that Require a Letter to the Bank Manager?

There are various scenarios that require you to write a letter to your bank manager. Some of these include:

  • Request to issue a new ATM card
  • Request to issue a bank statement
  • Request to issue a cheque book
  • Request to transfer bank account
  • Other formal communication (such as submission of documents/ supporting evidence)

How To Write a Letter to The Bank Manager?

Following are a few tips and guidelines to be followed when drafting a letter for bank manager:

  • Include the name of the bank and the branch where your account is held
  • Ensure to add a subject line in your letter
  • Also, make sure that the subject line is concise and on point
  • You may also be required to provide your name as per the bank records
  • Your bank account number must also be mentioned in the request letter
  • Though this is a request letter to bank manager , other practices of professional letter-writing must be included – such as headings, salutations,  complimentary close and signature line.
  • You can also add enclosures or attachments if necessary (or as supporting evidence).

Letter to The Bank Manager Template / Format

Following is a commonly used template to address a bank manager through an official letter:


The Bank Manager

(Name of the bank)

(Branch name)Respected Sir/ Madam,Subject: (State the subject – be very precise and to the point)(Body of the letter – Explain the reason for writing letter to bank manager. Be very clear and provide supporting documentation if required.)

Thank you

(Account details such as bank account number and name)

Yours Faithfully




Letter To Bank Manager Format

Formal Letter To Bank Manager Sample

Following is a sample Letter to Bank Manager Format that follows the above mentioned guidelines. You can edit the sample according to your preferences.

Request to issue New ATM card


The Bank Manager

Union Bank

Jayanagar Branch


Respected Sir,

Subject: Request to issue new ATM card

I am an account holder in your branch at Jayanagar. My current ATM card is damaged and I am unable to use it at any POS transaction. I would like to request you to issue a new ATM card at the earliest. I prefer card-transactions over cash, hence, I would be very thankful if you could process my request at the earliest. I will surrender my damaged ATM card if the process requires so. I have also added my account details for you to process my request. If you need any other details from my end, kindly contact me on my mobile: 930xxxxxxx. Alternatively, you can reach out to me at my email ID: [email protected]

Thank you

Bank Details

Name: Harris Langley

Account Number: 097092309843201

Yours Faithfully


Date: 21/ 03/ 2021

Place: Bangalore

Letter To Bank Manager Sample

FAQ’s on Letter to Bank Manager

Question 1.

How do I write a letter to a bank manager?


Address the letter to the Bank’s local branch manager. Be very specific about the reason for writing your letter. Also ensure that you provide supporting documents or evidence if required. And as with any other formal letter, ensure that all the traditional conventions of letter writing format to bank manager is present (such as greetings, salutations, closing etc)

Question 2.

What are the scenarios that require me to write a letter to the bank manager?


The following scenarios justify the use of a letter to the bank manager: request to issue a new ATM card, bank statement, cheque book etc.

Question 3.

How can I write a letter to the bank manager for transfer?


Address the letter to the bank manager and ensure that all the necessary details are provided (such as branch name and account number). Also, write the reason for transfer and attach supporting documents/ evidence, if necessary.

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