Introduce Yourself – Short Essay

Introductions are supposed to be easy, but self-scrutiny is something I rarely enjoy. But I was told, “introduce yourself” by the people. So here it goes.

Hello, my name is …. I am a 27 years old engineering graduate from the University of Engineering and Management in Kolkata. I belong to an upper-middle-class family. I have two brothers younger than me. My father is an engineer at a private firm and my mother is a housewife.

I live in a modest two-storey house in New Town, Kolkata. I am currently enrolled in an internship program at a national company. My hobbies include playing sports (football and cricket), jogging, writing and reading. I find unwinding with a good book to be most refreshing. Winters are ideal for this, there is nothing better than a good book and coffee while wrapped in a blanket. Journalistic fiction is my guilty pleasure. I frequent book vendors and bookstores to get my hands on as many as possible. I also collect Rubik’s cubes and challenge myself to solve new formations every week. I fancy myself a good cards player and adequate on video games.

My daily routine consists of my morning run, breakfast with family, chores, going to work, having tea with my family, relaxing with a book or a sports match, dinner with family and writing before bedtime. Following this routine is not a strict rule for me but it helps keep me grounded. Occasionally on weekends, I get together with my friends for evening gatherings. These hangouts help us stay connected despite our busy schedules. We use these occasions to do some activity together like hiking, bike riding, watching a movie or straight up good-natured bantering over tea.

During exam season I tutor my brothers for their exam prep. I have volunteered at various community festivals in the past. I am constantly on the search for new seminars and workshops to attend. Specifically, those that would help me carve out a path to a successful career. I do enjoy attending writers’ meetups too. I am fascinated by the process involved in writing vivid stories.

My secret aspiration is to take the world by storm through my writing. Wish me luck.

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