Internet – Short Essay

The Internet is a world of its own. Every time I go online I feel lost in a fantasy world of my own. A world comprised of my searches and recommendations made to me. My search history is a fascinating insight into my subconscious mind. This is true for any individual who uses the internet.

We are all extremely possessive about search history for this very reason. It reveals to us our deepest desires, and weaknesses. My search history is divided among movies, soaps, makeup, online shopping, DIYs and cooking videos. The self-help video section can be very addictive. The Internet can be very addictive but is it fair to call it an addiction? I find myself hopelessly dependant on it day by day. I book my transport, make reservations, look for directions, and inform my family about my whereabouts via the internet. The Internet is the sole reason I use my cell-phone. It’s somehow always easier to spend hours online on cell-phones, scrolling through sites. This may seem like time waste, but it has its benefits too.

I wouldn’t know how to cook European cuisine, how to blog, and how to do small home fixtures from the comfort of my home if it weren’t for the internet. In fact, I wouldn’t even be writing here if it weren’t for the internet. The Internet has equipped me and people around the world with skills, information and employment which wouldn’t have been possible before.

The Internet is the one-stop resource for all things necessary. It educates, informs, provides, and performs; all key functions required by humans to live life fully. The Internet is also a platform for entertainment. I watch videos, I read books, I play games and I do all this while staying connected to my family and friends. The pros of the internet cannot be fit into one page; neither can its cons. Ethical use of the internet, just like any other thing is crucial to gain optimum benefit from it. I find research to be the best example of this. It is up to me what I do with my time and the resources offered by the internet. I can either put it to good use by expanding my knowledge or I can waste it on useless distractions.

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