Internet: Essay on Internet for Students


The internet is a global system of computer network that serves to provide information on intended subjects as well as communication facilities.

Internet consists of a variety of interconnected networks that use regulated communication protocols. Through any one computer, a user with permission can access information from any other computer and sometimes even communicate directly or indirectly to users at other computers.

The components of internet that are regulated are the domain names and the associated IP addresses. The Internet Corporation is an organization that deals with Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and regulates these processes.

History of the internet

Vint Cerf co-designed the TCP/IP protocols and was actively involved in the building and establishment of the internet. The internet began with the development of computers that are electronic. It was a project of the U.S Department of Defense network who wanted to link scientists and university professors around the world.   Commercial Internet Service Providers (ISPs) was born in the years between 1980 and 1990. The internet was however fully commercialized in 1995 in USA when the NSFNet was decommissioned. This eliminated the remaining restrictions on use of the internet to carry commercial traffic.

Features of the Internet

  1. Geographic distribution in the sense that it is available all over the world.
  2. Robust architecture in that it is very diverse following its multi approach nature. It has been designed to work better than the mind.
  3. The internet has near light speed in that it is very fast in sourcing and delivering information to the user.
  4. Universal access to mean that it is accessible to anyone all over the world.
  5. Digital advantage and internet growth rates are a feature that describes the economic sense of the internet.
  6. Freedom of speech is facilitated by internet.
  7. Flexibility of communication in that there are multiple ways through which communication can be achieved over the internet regardless the geographical distance between the sender and the recipient.

Role of the internet

  1. The internet has over the years been very instrumental in the pursuit of solutions to many different problems. People look in the internet to find ways of solving issues that trouble them because it has unrestricted access to information.
  2. It also plays a significant role in achieving communication through far distances very easily and therefore bridges the geographical gap between people.
  3. It also has a role in the government arena where it is used to establish security and other forms of regulations.

Uses of the internet in daily life

  1. Using home computers, it is no longer necessary to go to the library to get information because these computers can access any information in the world that is in books
  2. Entertainment is also another key role of the internet in daily life as it has access to movies, music and even games that provide entertainment.
  3. People also use the internet to communicate with friends, family and even business partners from different parts of the world.
  4. Trade is also carried out over the internet in this day and age on a daily basis.
  5. Information and knowledge for personal, social and economic development is also spread through the internet with concerned people that are in authority in the government and other leadership positions as this is the easiest way to get things and information across the whole world.

Uses of internet for students

  1. Research as students has a lot of information searching projects which may not be available in books or when books are a limitation.
  2. Some students also do online degrees over the internet through digital learning programs.
  3. Part-time jobs where students work as either freelancers or marketers over the internet.
  4. Communication via email to send or receive messages or information to colleagues within or without the country.
  5. Social networking where they use the social media platforms like Facebook to interact with friends.
  6. The internet also serves as an educational stationary.
  7. The tools and applications of the internet are a requirement in some of the projects that students are given by teachers or lecturers.
  8. It is also used to submit admission forms to institutions of interest.
  9. Online tests can also be taken by students over the internet.
  10. Storage is also an important use of the internet in cloud infrastructure such as Google.

Disadvantages of the internet

  1. Access to private information that would otherwise have been preferred to remain private through hackers.
  2. Cyber bullying where trollers use the internet to strong arm or intimidate internet users.
  3. The internet has also been used to spread malicious rumors that soil the good names of companies and individuals.
  4. Viruses that destroy computers are transmittable by means of internet.


The internet is one of the greatest inventions that has ever taken place. The use of the internet has spread all over the world and it has become almost impossible for people to live without it. However, as much as it has its advantages, the internet has its disadvantages and hence we should be cautious on how we use it.

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