International Day of Happiness 2019

International Day of Happiness 2019 - Date, History, themes and Objectives

International Day of Happiness

The decision to celebrate “International Day of Happiness” was made on 28th June 2012, by the United Nations General Assembly and its 193 member states. The proposal was made by Jayme Illien, United Nations special advisor.

Announcement regarding the inclusion of “International Day of Happiness” in UN’s calendar of events was made in the UN’s 66thsession on 17th September 2012 by then Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki moon.

The first “International Day of Happiness” was observed on 20thMarch 2013, since then it’s being celebrated annually by 193 member states, 11 territories and 2 observer states.

International Day of Happiness 2019

The International Day of Happiness 2019 will be celebrated on 20th March 2019.

International Day of Happiness 2019 theme is – ‘Happier Together’

It will also be celebrated with the central theme – “Share Happiness and be a part of Something Amazing”.

The aim of this year’s International Day of Happiness is to spread happiness in everyone’s life. Various organisations and NGOs will organize events to celebrate the occasion by urging people to share how they spread happiness.

OFM, the famous FM radio in South Africa will celebrate the day by playing music with a happier nature and positive nods. It will also broadcast programmes on the topic “The secret to long and happy life”. It will also organize various competitions and the winners will be awarded with prizes.


The proposal for celebration of “International Day of Happiness” was first made by UN’s special advisor Jayme Illien, who was also a philanthropist and a statesman. He first proposed the concept to a team of senior United Nations’ officials in 2011.

Later Jayme Illien garnered the support of 193 UN member states and then Secretary General of the United Nations – Ban Ki moon.

Further, Jayme Illien formulated the UN’s Resolution 66/281 on 28thJune 2012, which was also adopted by the General Assembly on the same date. The Resolution proclaimed 20th March as the “International Day of Happiness” and called upon member states, civil society, government organizations and individuals to celebrate March 20th as “International Day of Happiness”. A request to Secretary General of UN was also made to further the resolution to the member states and appropriate parties.

First UN Meeting on Happiness

The United Nations hosted the first high profile meeting on happiness and well being on 2nd April 2012. The meeting was attended by heads of state, senior delegates and ministers from over thirty countries and by intergovernmental organizations.

United Nations then Secretary General Ban Ki moon, proposed to achieve the parity between social, environmental and economic well being as the three are pillars of Sustainable Development, together defining gross global happiness.

World’s Pursuit of Happiness

Many leaders and social thinkers and activities across the world have been stressing on ‘happiness’ since decades.

The need for happiness was first recognized by Bhutan’s King – Jigme Singye Wangchuk in 1972. He was also the first to introduce Gross National Happiness (GNH) philosophy.

International Institute of Management introduced second generation GNH in 2005 along with the first global survey of Gross National Happiness.

In 2007 the Illien foundation launched an initiative to poverty removal and promoting sustainable development to human happiness.

Founder “Jayme Illien’s” Early Life

Jayme Illien was found abandoned as an infant on a road side in the Indian town of Calcutta. He was taken to the International Mission of Hope Orphanage, run by Mother Teresa.

He was later adopted by a single American woman – Anna Belle Illien who was also the founder of Illien Adoption International; an adoption agency based in Atlanta, GA and working to support, displaced, poor and refugee families and children.

From an early age Jayme had hands on exposure to the issues like refugees, poverty and problems faced by the orphan children, as he roamed throughout the world with his mother.

He professed the rights of children from a very early age and became vocal about them and the solutions. He felt a responsibility towards the deprived children who lose their families to poverty, war and other related factors. He considers himself to be one of them.

Jayme Illien worked as a diplomat of Illien adoptions in the United States Department of State, working on issues like immigration, child trafficking, adoption and issues of human rights.

Why 20th March Was Chosen for Celebrating “International Day of Happiness”?

Jayme Illien proposed March 20th March as the date for “International day of Happiness”, considering the importance of March Equinox, which falls on the same date annually. Jayme Illien was of the opinion that Equinox is a phenomenon felt by all of the humankind and is an event when Sun lies exactly above the earth.

What is the Aim of “International Day of Happiness”?

We all want to be happy and our every pursuit has happiness at its core. Whatever we do – study, work, play, make plans, and read etc, we do it all to ultimately achieve happiness.

The world has developed drastically in past decades but unfortunately we haven’t progressed much on happiness. Today we have got access to best things in life from fancy gadgets to comfort accessories, but we are not that much happy and only few countries today reach the benchmark of Global Happiness Index.

The “International Day of Happiness” recognizes happiness as the basic human goal and calls upon government and associated agencies to make policies towards improving peoples’ general well being.

A day dedicated to happiness the United Nations seek to fetch the attention of International community on the fact that sustainable development will only be achieved if people are happy. The UN also acknowledges the fact that social, environmental and economical well being is mandatory for global happiness.

How Is “International Day of Happiness” Celebrated?

There is no specific location for the celebrations of “International Day of Happiness” and it is celebrated globally by governments, non government agencies, and members of civil society and also by people holding high offices.

Persons from every section of society irrespective of their profession or financial status take part in the celebrations of “International Day of Happiness”. Various events are organized to encourage people to be happy and also to make them happy.

Painting and laughing competitions are organized specially in schools and colleges. Children are asked to draw a poster for the “International Day of Happiness”; depicting happiness in whatever way they like.

Events are organized to help people achieve the goals or do the things which make them happy. People, who get happy by involving into a specific activity, are given access to it.

Many celebrities and public figures also celebrate the day with joy and festival fervor. The first commemoration of “International Day of Happiness” 2013 in New York was witnessed by Ndaba Mandela (Nelson Mandela’s grandson), Chelsea Clinton (Daughter of former US President Bill Clinton) and Hillary Clinton (US Senator and Democratic Presidential Candidate).

Government and non government agencies work towards eradication of poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and various other factors that obstructs the happiness of a person or the Happiness Index of a nation.

To meet the goals of Sustainable Development it is imperative to improve the Happiness Index of the world.

Activities for the “International Day of Happiness”

1) Do What Ever Makes You Happy

Happiness doesn’t has a defined criterion and it differs from person to person. Someone might be happy playing a football match while other might be happy by bicycling or visiting a nearby forest or a close friend. Decide what makes you happy and do it right away. No matter how small the activity is, it’s worth doing as long as it makes you happy.

2) Spread Happiness

Make others happy too. A simple gesture like a smile or a warm handshake might be enough to make a sad person happy. The essence of the day is to be happy and to spread happiness in whatever way you like and in whatever way it is possible. Extend your helping hand to those in need and show your concern. It is a very simple gesture but definitely will leave an impact on the other, making him happy.

3) Organize Events

Organize event in your community to make people happy by addressing to their needs or just through plays, competitions, comedy shows etc. Anything that could make a person happy can be chosen as an activity for the event. Raise awareness of the people about happiness and how important is it to achieve Goals of Sustainable Development.

4) Give Cards

Give Cards to people to show your concern, express appreciation, love and respect to those you know or care about. Giving cards is a simple gesture but sure will leave the other person happy, boosting his self esteem and improving confidence. You can buy a card form nearest store or could make your own card, but don’t forget to write words of appreciation, love and respect.

5) Interview Your Friends and Family

Get into the role of a reporter and interview your family and friends. Ask them what makes them happy and also what makes them angry. Try to make them happy based on the information they provide. Also discuss the things those make them unhappy and give your suggestions. Tell them how to get involved in the things which make them happy, refraining from the unhappy things or activities.

6) Don’t Get Angry

Anger eats happiness. Anger not only removes your happiness but also the happiness of those around you. Teach yourself to control your anger and be resilient towards the things that make you angry. While angry, take up your favorite activity like- cycling, reading, jogging, playing, painting etc. Do whatever you like and your anger will slowly disappear. Don’t get angry at least on a day dedicated to happiness.

7) Keep Looking

On the day of “International Day of Happiness” keep looking for the activities those will make you happy. Explore new things, activities, games, shows etc – anything that could make you happy. You might love reading the book which you didn’t even care to look at. Try it! Who knows that after reading the same old book you will be emerge as a happy and content person.

8) Sleep Well

Sleep is a natural stress buster and a pain reliever. A short sleep will make you look pale, grumpy and disoriented. A good sleep on the other hand will make you confident and happy. You can use the occasion of “International Day of Happiness” to sleep well and be happy.

Themes of International Day of Happiness

  • International Day of Happiness Theme 2019 – “Share Happiness and be Part of Something Amazing” and “Happier Together”.
  • International Day of Happiness Theme 2018 – “Share Happiness”.
  • International Day of Happiness Theme 2017 –“10 Steps to Happiness”.
  • International Day of Happiness Theme 2016 – “Angry Birds Happy Planet”.
  • International Day of Happiness Theme 2015 – “Focus on Your Connection with Others”.
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