Importance of Fruits – Essay

Fruits are used as a complimentary for any meal. They can however be taken at any given time of the day because they have a long list of benefits to the body. Fruits are seasonal but this does not mean their consumption should be. It is paramount that fruits are incorporated profoundly in every diet.

A source of essential nutrients

Fruits have been associated with a lot of nutrients including vitamins and minerals necessary for the nourishment of the body.

Nutrients are necessary for every parameter of proper body development from body building to an improved memory capacity.

Roughage for digestion

Roughage in the diet is important as it helps improve digestion and thereby preventing constipation. Children as well as adults experience constipation at any point of their lives making it ideal for both of them to take fruits on a regular basis.

Healthy skin

The constituents of fruits are also important in ensuring a healthy and soft skin. Fruits bring a glowing effect that is characteristic of a healthy skin. They do this because they have minerals that activate the dermal glands to keep the skin moisturized.

Potassium for blood pressure

Blood pressure is regulated by the ion concentrations in the blood. Potassium has a counter effect on the effect of sodium to cause high blood pressure. Intake of fruits rich in potassium will help manage blood pressure.

Weight loss

Fruits do not have any cholesterol at all and this makes them very good when seeking weight loss. Science has proven that diet rich in fruit fiber has a role to play in weight loss without having to monitor calories.

Reduced cancer risk

Diet rich in fruits can help reduce risk of cancers particularly for the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. Most of the phytochemicals that are found in fruits have an antioxidant effect which is key in reduction of cell damage.

Diabetes management

A diet that incorporates fruits will help a diabetic to delay the risks that come with diabetes. It will also ensure that their blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels are managed which is a very means of diabetes control. The blood glucose level of a diabetic can also be regulated by fruit consumption.

Improved gut health

The fiber content in fruits makes digestion to be effective and easy therefore making the gut have an easy time. A less strained gut is a healthy gut.

Strong bones and teeth

Calcium is the major ion that is associated with bone and tooth development and strengthening. This mineral is found in bulk in some fruits making it a good constituent of the diet of a child as it is still developing. It is also important for the aged as their bones require as much nourishment as possible to make them strong.


Fruit waste once decomposed can be used as manure to add nutrients to the soil for the good of growing crops. Soil enriched with nutrients is more productive.

Food for birds

Fruits are also important for birds of the air which use ripe fruits as a source of food and nourishment for themselves as well as their chicks.

Fruits as raw materials

Fruits have been used as raw materials for industries dealing with different products like some soft drinks and even in the drug development industries to make supplements for the body.

Fruits in cooking

Domestically, fruits can be blended to make juice. This is a healthier way of consuming soft drinks as it lacks chemicals because it is natural.

Making ornaments.

The shells of some fruits like coconuts can be used in designing ornaments for decoration and even sold for income.

Flavoring drinks

Fruits are used to decorate and give flavor to drinks especially cocktails and ice cream in restaurants and other meal outlets.

Fruits have a variety of benefits to the healthy living of both humans and animals and have been significant in promoting industries and international trade.

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