Importance of English Language in Modern World – Essay

Importance Of English Language

There is rarely a person in this world who don’t speak English, and even if someone does not have enough knowledge of English, he tries his best to speak or write it because English is one of the most used languages in this world. People who don’t have enough knowledge of English do not get treated in a good way in this cruel world, and that is why literally everyone in this world from a child to an old aged person tries his best to attain the best knowledge of English.

English Language in the Modern world
English Language in the Modern world

About the English Language

English is the language of the people of England. However, as English people traveled and formed colonies across the world, this language also gained acceptance worldwide.

In the USA and Australia, since the English travelers settled and brought modern civilization, English became the common language of communication. English has also acquired its position as the most critical language in the contemporary world as the boundaries for communication are melting across the globe.

Importance of English Language in the Modern world

Here are a few important points which show the importance of English language in the modern world.

  • Communication across the globe for multiple reasons, whether for personal reasons or business or diplomatic becomes standardized in English.
  • In the global world where all national boundaries melt, English is a universal language that goes beyond the national barriers.
  • As it happens, most of the knowledge resources are either in English or their available translations are in English more than in any other language.
  • English is an added advantage when it comes to positions. Every company owner wants his employees to have good communication skills to have a bigger name in this industry.
  • In India right now, a person gets treated well only if he has excellent communication skills and if someone has a good knowledge of English.
  • Even if someone wants to study abroad, he needs to give an exam and attain a reasonable proficiency in the English language; then only one can get allowed to travel overseas for study.
  • The social media platforms are commonly available in English, and even if the national or regional languages are available, English seems to be the most frequently used language with most contacts.
  • Since higher education has become accessible to most people and most of the resources of learning are In English, it makes an advantage for a person to know English.
  • The world is now a market for business. Why stop locally. To approach the world market, it becomes easier to have a common language for communication. In short, knowing English makes it possible to grow toward the global market.
  • Knowing English means that if you are a student, you can secure much better grades than your friends are securing.
  • You make a much better first impression in front of everyone you meet if you can be conversant in English with them.
  • People these days also have access to medical treatments all over the world and can travel for it. English is one language which makes the communication between the doctor and patients from any part of the world possible.
  • Collaboration between businesses, organizations and even government becomes more straightforward and more comfortable because of English creating the common communication field.
  • It can simplify living abroad. Many people like to have the experience of living in other countries and other cultures. With the opening of the national border for expatriates, this becomes possible. At such a time knowing English makes the process of relocation and settling in much more convenient in a foreign country.
English Language
English Language


These were a few points which show the importance of English language in the modern world. English is the language that can earn you a lot of money even if you don’t have any other talents within you. Also, if your native language is not English, it is your responsibility to learn English to earn a better place in the world. Why? English is the international language. It is the language for global communication. The modern world is firmly connected by technology and by globalization. The more people reach out to each other the more they need a common language for communication. English fill up the slot for its ease of learning and for already being a global language spoken across continents.

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