Importance of Co-curricular activities – 2 Essays

Importance of Co-curricular activities – Essay 1.


Co-curricular activities are the activities we engage in a school set up for example, aside from the educational ones. They mostly include sporting activities and games.

Co-curricular activities are basically sporting activities and games integrated into the curriculum of institutions mostly.

These activities are usually integrated in the school’s program and have to be engaged by every able learner.

Importance of co-curricular activities

  1. Co-curricular activities serve to rejuvenate us, putting us in a good position to focus on the routines we normally take part in.
  2. They also serve as exercise to the mind and train it on strategy and calculation.
  3. They also help us forge new relationships because of the partners we encounter I the co-curricular activities.
  4. They help develop our talents and abilities so that we can pursue them with better understanding and skill and even use them to make ourselves noticeable.
  5. Co-curricular activities can be used to win trophies and awards for our institutions when we champion all the competitors.
  6. They are a constructive way to spend our leisure time as opposed to engaging in harmful practices like drug consumption.
  7. Co-curricular activities are also a way of entertainment in that they provide fun and excitement to the ones who engage in them.
  8. Co-curricular activities have a health benefit to the body which is why medical experts advice that people should strive to participate at least every once in a while.
  9. They also foster unity and the spirit of working together, campaigning or the benefits of association and working together or a common good.


The benefits of co-curricular activities are unfathomable which is perhaps why the educational systems campaign for its incorporation into compulsory routines.

Importance of Co-curricular activities – Essay 2.

Co-curricular activities are those activities that are done alongside the main activity of studying or learning, in a school. Typically, co-curricular activities include sports, dance and music and arts etc.

Balance and bonding

Co-curricular activities bring a balance to school environment and to break the monotony of studying. It is a good time for bonding with other children.


Exposure to different activities gives one the opportunity to explore and try them out to find where one’s talent lies.

Evolution of faculties

Sometimes it takes time for the artistic or sport related faculties to develop and evolve. These extracurricular activities give one a chance to bring out the latent talents or develop them.


These activities are often performed for an audience and to be able to present them is a necessary confidence building exercise for most children.

Career options

Very often people make one of these activities their career. To have an early start is an advantage since you have enough time to master the activity and be at the top.

All-round learning

Learning is the big reason why children go to school. Co-curricular activities often have practical, real world learning like team work or coping with bias etc.


Getting involved in co-curricular activities can often develop your leadership qualities as one dedicates time and effort to make the best of performance and helping the team, if any with the same.


Co-curricular activities are vital for overall development of a child or a person.

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