If I Were a Bird – Short Essay

If I were a bird I would like to be the King of the birds. I would fear no man or beast. I would not want to be one type of bird; I would want to have the best qualities of all birds. I would like to sing like a nightingale, move as fast as a hummingbird, and dance as well as a peacock. I would like to be happy, colorful, melodious, and free.

I would fly around the world. I would feel the cool air elevate me to great heights. I would dive and plunge towards the ground only to swoop back up. I would perch on the top of the tallest trees and gaze as far upon the earth as my eyes would allow and I would fly upwards to view more. I would fly alone and hunt for my prey.

I would make my home on the tallest mountain and behold my land. I would sleep soundly under the full moon. I would rise early and drink fresh cold water from the streams. No wild beast would scare me away. I would fly so high in the air that the clouds would brush against my back. I would feel the sunshine on my face. I would help free other birds from captivity and release them into the wild. I would be their guide and their friend.

I would bathe in the warmest springs and dry myself under the sun. Occasionally playing and hunting with other birds. I would experience all weathers and migrate during winter. Discovering new places and meeting new species of birds would be my quest. I would fly to the waterfalls in Amazon and witness the numerous colorful birds whose species aren’t even known to man. I would catch fishes from streams and I would experience all the freedom of living life as nature intended. No chains will bind me.

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