Hobbies: Short Essay on Hobbies

Hobbies are an essential part of your emotional and social well-being spectrum of life.

Generally, a big part of our daily activities are related to our profession, or to our source of income. Hobbies are the activities, both physical or mental that a person engages in purely for the sake of pleasure, fun, enjoyment and learning. It may have nothing to do with your profession or source of income.

So the hobbies are a form of distressing or learning something new in life or enjoying something that is adventurous or exciting.


Hobbies can be of various types:

  • Many people have quiet hobbies like reading or writing. If you cultivate these hobbies, then just a small book can give you immense enjoyment, and relaxation, without having to go anywhere, meet anyone, in the quiet recesses of your own mind. In addition to enjoyment, this can also help you gain a lot of knowledge and learning.
  • Some people enjoy more active hobbies like sports, adventures, exercise, etc. Exercise as a hobby becomes a source of enjoyment and relaxation. It also contributes to your physical fitness. Sports and adventures provide you with the opportunity to connect with new people, engage in competitive fun and also contributes to your physical fitness.
  • Travelling and tourism can also be an interesting hobby to cultivate. Though it can mean spending some money this can be planned as per your financial situation. Travelling to nearby destinations alone or travelling to far off tourist destination with friends or family can be very rewarding and life enriching experiences.
  • Arts and Crafts like Photography, Dancing, Singing, Theater, Movies, Painting, Sculpture, etc. can also be very distressing hobbies because they involve and develop the right side of your brain which deals with your creativity and intuition.


Some common benefits of hobbies are:

  • You can be part of a Club focused on your hobbies, and that way expand your social or friend network.
  • Sometimes in times of financial need, your hobbies like painting, writing, etc. can become alternative sources of income for you.
  • Travelling can help you expand your network and knowledge of foreign lands that can help you in your professional or personal life.

If you can spare time and energy to cultivate hobbies; they will enrich your life

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