High School Life: Essay on Importance of High School Life

High School Life

We all know that the most favorite and the most enjoyable part of our life is when we are in high schools. Some of us enjoy our high school life a lot, and others spend their time studying during high school days.

High school life is very important for every individual because it teaches us a lot of points that can help us in our future. People in India don’t value their time during high school as they feel that high school days are for having fun only.

However, they need to know that high school days are actually the days which make or break our future because it is the time to make an aim which we should follow afterward.

Importance of High School Life

Here is how high school life important to us:

Change in Thinking – During our high school time we get to see what life actually is because we tend to get separated a bit from our parents and get to live our life independently. Our thinking gets changed completely, previously where we used to have permission from our parents for everything, coming in high school means that we can take some decision of our life by our own as well. Change in thinking is very important because we cannot rely on our family for decisions lately in our lives. We have to get independent so that even when our family is not near us, we should be able to take some important decisions in our lives easily.

Learnings from high school life – There are various learnings that we get from our high school life and here are a few of them:

  • It teaches you the knowledge that you require to move ahead in your life.
  • Sometimes high school life can let us meet our passion which we can learn and make our profession. For example, if we play cricket during our high school life, and it becomes our passion, it can become our profession afterward.
  • High school life can let you know about various feelings that you may get once you turn into doing various jobs. Stress, pressure, deadlines, etc. are part of your jobs and they would also be part of your high school life. In this way, you will get to know how to handle pressure in your school life only.
  • High school life is the life where you get to know the real meaning of friendship as most of the friendships in high school life are the ones that stay
  • Your thinking capabilities change a lot during your high school life because your education level, pressure level, etc. increases a lot which forces you to think in a better way which can help you to get rid of various problems in your life.

Social development – During the part of high school, one gets to go through lots of feelings. One feels love, feels joy, feels anger, feels revengeful, feels sad, feels stressed, feels pressurized and a lot of other feelings which are very essential for the mental development of a person. But, while going through all the feelings, one gets to meet a lot of different people. High school normally has thousands of students, and when you get to interact with them, you are socially developing yourself as you will get to know the likes and dislikes of other people. People use various social media websites and applications to make them socially updated, but the reality is that there is nothing better than high school life to keep ourselves socially updated.

So, if you are thinking to leave or drop high school life, then you might be missing a lot in your life. Ask those persons who are never the part of high school how problematic life becomes for those people. High school life can be problematic, but those problems can convert you into a better human being which will help you in your later age.

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