Hard Work: Short Essay on Hard Work

Some people choose minimalism to escape hard work. But mostly people who have a feeling of fulfillment at the end of their lives are those that have worked hard with honesty.

Advantages of Hard Work

Hard work leads to personal development. Work brings to you challenges as well as growth opportunities. This leads to improvement in you and helps you grow as an individual.

Hard work benefits the society and contributes to the upliftment of society. It contributes to enriching other people’s lives and helps them move forward. Work is an action of love for the people that we serve.

It serves as an example to our kids. Our kids learn from what we do. If we honestly work hard then, it will pass on to your children too.

It inculcates good qualities. When you do, hard work then you inculcate good qualities such as attentiveness, determination, responsibility, self-control, problem-solving, etc which can help a lot in personal life too.

By working hard, we make use of our time in something meaningful and fulfilling, rather than just wasting it. Each day is a new opportunity, which we can use to do our best or it will just slip away

Hard-work and success

It is said that success is “1 percent inspiration and 99percent perspiration.”

  • As a student as you work hard to understand lessons and to finish all the work given by the teacher, learning of the subject becomes easier.
  • Later as you work hard in your career, you make a good impression on your employers as they find you interested in your
  • A householder works hard to make life easy for all the family members and to take care of them and their needs.
  • Hard work, however, is not the only determinant of success. Hard work combined with Smart work can achieve your goals much more efficiently.
  • Hard work is a lesson that is learnt from creatures like the ants that toil relentlessly and carry seemingly heavy weights over distances.
  • Hard work makes your victory seem much sweeter because you will have put your heart and soul in it.
  • After a day or a week of hard work, the feeling of deserving the fun is more satisfying and deeper

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