Greenery: Short Essay on Greenery for Students

Greenery is the plants, herbs, shrubs, and trees surrounding us. However, with the growing population and urbanization, this greenery is getting depleted, and cities are getting transformed into concrete jungles.

There is an urgent need to preserve existing greenery as well as grow new plants for the existence of human beings on this planet.

Greenery is much sought after in the highly urbanized modern life. The merits of Greenery in the urban modern life are summarized below:

  1. It is a very good reminder of and a feel of the nature that exists beyond the towns and cities.
  2. Greenery is considered to have a good effect on the eyesight.
  3. Greenery absorbs the polluted air and so enjoyed by everyone for the freshness and purity. It is very good for the lungs.
  4. A walk in the greenery has the power to alleviate your stress and to relax.
  5. A lot of the natural green is being lost due to speedy urbanization. However, the newer constructions have realised the value of maintaining the greenery, even though the gardens are largely man-made.
  6. Some regions are naturally not green. They can be artificially made green by planting trees and maintaining them. Care must be taken to keep a balance with the natural ecosystem and also to estimate the quantity of water needed for its growth and maintenance.
  7. Many people like to have a lot of plants indoors to be able to partake the visual and health benefits of greenery.

Greenery can help to reverse the effects of the catastrophic global warming which is prevalent all around the world. These trees can help to prevent soil erosion as the roots hold the fertile soil tightly even in case of floods or other natural disasters. Green trees are known to attract the clouds, and hence they play a role in ground water resource management as well as helps in bringing rainfall. Preserving greenery is a must for our existence on this planet.

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