Games: Short Essay on Games and Its Types

Games are a means for amusement that have existed since ancient time in different forms. Games are a way of exercising the body or the mental muscle.

Whichever way it is, is usually a positive way of keeping engaged. Some games help create bonding between fellow players and some create geniuses many certainly create employment especially in the modern gaming industry.

Games, especially field games are very good for the body and for character. One needs hard work and determination to achieve recognition. Games use skills like strategy, cooperation, speed, memory and other skills or are purely based on chance.

Types of games

  1. Board games have been around since ancient times and usually need a board, some dice and pawns to play. Chess, snakes and ladders, monopoly and Chinese checkers.
  2. Card games use a deck of 52 playing cards for different games played either as teams or individual players or even solo, e.g. solitaire or bluff.
  3. Computer or video games are very popular these days especially that of X-box. This has taken shape into an entire industry, employing thousands of people.
  4. Playground games like hopscotch, tag and others still remain favourites with children every evening on the playground. They are purely fun and mostly based on co-operation
  5. Party games meant for entertaining children or even adults are based on fun such as musical chairs or pinning the donkey’s tail.
  6. Olympic games are serious games of sport where physical activity is plays a big role. All these games are held at an international level and involve sportsmen of the highest quality. The participants go through years of hard work and practice just to participate and the winners are truly the global best.

Games are usually a creative way of amusement. One must be cautious while selecting the games. Sporting games are of course very high quality and level of activity but they are not for everyone. Children’s games are a great way of learning

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