Friendship: The Value of Friendship – Short Essay

The Value of friendship is realized generally in difficult times, because your true friends help you and stand with you in your difficult times.

Life is a game of wins and losses, ups and downs. You can play your part but you cannot control your life circumstances. Most people begin their life imagining that they will always be happy, but that is impossible. And when you face a few challenges you realize that it is also impossible to face the challenges of life alone.

Human beings are social beings. We are born as a part of a social pattern and we are in an interdependent web of existence with each other. The lives of our closest friends are connected intricately with us. We depend on them and they depend on us. The real value of friendship is in understanding the interdependent nature of this relationship.

Different value from other relationships

Most other relationships in life are need based. We have certain needs from each other and we satisfy each other needs. Work relationships are about helping each other with career and money goals. Social relationships are about helping each other with socially relevant goals. Family relationships are about doing your family duties. But friendship happens by choice, when your emotional wavelength coincides with that of your friend. Your vibes match with each other. You enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes this simple companionship alone can be most beautiful value of friendship. Friendship is a unique relationship that cannot be evaluated or judged on the basis of give and take like many other relationships.

Value of friendship in different stages of life

Early Childhood and School

The Value of friendship from this stage of your life remains with you throughout the rest of your life. Because these friendships arise out of the innocence and joys of childhood.

College and Adolescence

The friendships that you make in your adolescence are based on your growth and developmental changes. Your personality starts taking shape, you develop your likes and dislikes in life. So the Value of friendship in this stage is based on shared likes and dislikes about life goals.

Adult life and Career

Most friendships in the adult life are career focused. So you help each other in your shared career goals.


Invest in realizing the Value of true friendship in your life, and it will enrich your life beyond imagination

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