A flower is the reproductive part that is mostly found in flowering plants. Flowers are also known as bloom or blossom. There are many types of flowers around the world. Flowers are at times planted as cash crops by farmers and some are found in the wild.

Features of flowers

Flowers have petals (corolla). Petals are colorful and they help to attract insects that enable pollination especially in insect pollinated flowers.

Flowers also have sepals (calyx). These act like buds to protect the flowers especially when it is young.

Flowers also have anthers and filaments. These make up the male part of a flower. An anther is where the pollen grain is produced and the filament helps in supporting the anther.

Flowers have a stigma and style. These make up the female part of a flower. It accepts the pollen grains and they style helps in supporting the stigma.

Flowers also have the ovary. This is where ovules are produced. An ovary develops into a fruit.

Flowers also have ovules. These ovules develop into seeds of a fruit thereafter.

Flowers have a peduncle which serves as the stalk if the flower.

Another feature of a flower is the receptacle which is the part where all the parts of a flower are attached.

Common Types of flowers

  1. rose is the most popular flower in the world. A rose flower is available in different sizes and shapes. Roses also come in different colours like white, red and purple. Roses are flowers that are known to symbolize love and at times happiness.
  2. Tulips are also very popular flowers. These flowers are shaped like bells. They are also available in different colours and shades.
  3. Daisies are very beautiful flowers. They have a very simple shape and they can be grown in gardens. This flower has green leaves and a yellow center that is surrounded by white petals.
  4. Carnations are ancient flowers as they are believed to have been in existence for more than 2000 years. They are found in different colours and shades.
  5. sunflower is a flower that is mainly popular for the many benefits that its seeds have. This flower has a very large diameter than can be up to one meter. Their petals are yellow and the brown seeds can be found at the center.
  6. An orchid is a flower that is used to symbolize grace, beauty and luxury. It is available in different shades and colours.
  7. Daffodils are flowers that are shaped like a trumpet. They have white background petals and their center petals are yellow.
  8. lilac is a flower that is also ancient as it existed in the early Greek mythology. The flower is purple and is used to represent love.
  9. An iris is a flower whose name means rainbow. This flower is available in a wide variety of colours.
  10. Jasmines are flowers that are mainly found in tropical and temperate areas. This flowers release very sweet fragrances.

Uses of flowers

  1. Flowers play an important role in the reproduction of plants. It is from flowers where fruits and seeds develop.
  2. Flowers are also used for decoration. Flowers have very beautiful appearances and they also produce good fragrances. They are used to decorate homes, events or religious places.
  3. Some flowers also have medicinal value. Some flowers have been used to make pain relievers, help in colds and flu, ulcers, etc.
  4. Flowers also help in the making of honey by bees. Bees collect nectar form flowers that they use to make honey.
  5. Flowers have also acted as a huge income earner for many farmers. Farmers plant flowers are planted as cash crops.
  6. Flowers also act as gifts. People send each other flowers as a symbol of appreciation or love.
  7. Flowers are also used to make perfumes. This is due to the fact that flowers produce very nice fragrances.
  8. Some flowers are also used in making herbal tea. This is applicable to dried flowers like jasmines, chrysanthemum and roses that are used to make tea due to their medicinal benefits and their fragrances.

Flower bouquet

A flower bouquet is a collection of many flowers that are arranged in a very creative and decorative way. A flower bouquet is used especially in occasions like weddings. They are usually arranged in a vase or in any other holder. Some can also be held by the hand. Bouquets may contain different types of flowers and different shapes.

Lotus flower

A lotus flower is a flower that acts as the National flower of India. This flower was selected to be used as a national flower due to the connection it has with the Indian mythology. Although the flower mainly grows on dirty water, it does not become dirty as its stalk is long and keeps the flower above water. Due to this, it is used to symbolize purity.


Flowers are very important not only due to the role that they play in nature but they also have many benefits that they give people. It is important to take care of flowers to ensure that we maintain the beauty of our environment and that animals like bees have plenty of flowers where they can make honey from.

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