First Day of School – Short Essay

I was two years old and it was time for me to go to school. I didn’t know what exactly school was on my first day of school.

I was pretty excited to go to school. My parents bought me a new uniform and I liked it very much. It suited me. I was really feeling like I am a man with a plan. They also bought me a bag and some books. I opened some books and tried to interpret what was there but, all I was seeing was small ants paused at a place all over the paper. I thought that I can do better than this. So, I took my crayon and was about to scribble my golden words on it. I don’t know why but, my father snatched the crayon from my hands and curbed me from scribbling. Maybe he doubted my ability to write better than the author of the book. I didn’t react at that moment. I knew he is soon going to know about my potential.

My parents also bought me a pair of pure black shoes. I cried at that time. They knew that I don’t like the black color and I love my colorful lightning shoes. Still, they bought a pair of black colored shoes! But, then I stopped crying when they told me that it is a part of my school uniform. I didn’t sleep the whole night before my first day of school. I was very excited to go to that place and tell everyone how amazing and smart I am. I wanted to tell them that, I have superpowers. Whenever I cry, my mom gives me food! This was a superpower I wanted to tell everyone about.

The next day, my parents took me to school. It was a huge building and there was lots of competition with tiny kids all around! They took me to a place called classroom and they made me meet an aunty called the teacher. I liked her. She was beautiful. But, then a terrible thing happened. My mom and dad left me there and went away! I cried all day long and Aunty wasn’t able to stop me so she called my mom and dad. They came and took me away. This was my first day in school.

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