Female Education: Short Essay on Female Education

Essay on Female Education

Education can be termed as a mighty and compelling power that shapes the lives of human beings, right from their initial years to adulthood.

What is Female Education?

Female education is, according to a report released by the United Nations, the single most effective tool to enhance the health and lives of women and society at large.

An educated woman is a powerful individual as she has the capability of educating all the members of her family, making decisions, guiding and advising her family when they stray from the right thing and contribute economically for the enhancement of a home and a family.

Right to Education
Right to Education

Aspects of Female Education

Education to girls is an essential aspect of development. Females form roughly half the population of the society. Balanced progress can only be achieved by gender equality in education.


Seen from a resource point of view, women make up a large part of the working population. By providing equal opportunities for education, the economy develops a varied and valuable resource.


What women lack in physical strength they make up for in soft skills: creative and emotional. Empowered by education, women have proven to be equally competitive. Educated women leaders provide a more empathetic and emotionally balanced atmosphere. As teachers, they are more understanding of children and their growing up needs.


In most homes, mothers are the first teachers. A well-educated mother can handle all the support that children need, for their education at home. A well-educated mother is also responsible for raising children to grow up into emotionally, socially and psychologically responsible citizens.

Importance of Female Education

It is no secret that women constitute nearly half of the population, and more than a large percentage of these women are still denied education. Empowered women can go a long way to contributing to the development and improvement of the society, nation, and community in countless ways.

Some benefits of female education are:

  • Educated women can change the future of the nation.
  • They can take charge of their own lives.
  • They can also help in reducing maternal and child mortality.
  • They can do great in positions of power and showcase enhanced decision-making capabilities.

An educated woman stands up for empowerment. Following her example, the children learn to look at many aspects of life in a healthy, balanced way such as gender roles, the value of education and wholesome adult relationships.

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