Essay on World Environment Day

World Environment Day

This comes yearly on the 15th of June as set by the United Nations. It serves to mark a day when the world is sensitized about the relevance of environmental protection.

This world awareness day is sometimes referred to as Eco Day or simply the Environment Day. There are slogans used during this day that have played a key role in creating awareness towards environmental protection.

There is also a theme for each particular year. The aim of this day is to get people outdoors so that they can connect with nature and appreciate its importance.

2018 Theme for World Environment Day

As said, World environment day is recognized each year and with this, every year bears its own theme that will serve as the slogan or flagship to inspire the world. In 2018, the theme is Beat Plastic Pollution. The campaign against plastic pollution is driven by the science that plastic is hardly degradable and so if it is left in the environment, it would not decompose. The idea is therefore to go for plastic commodities that are reusable.

2019 Theme for World Environment Day

Preparations for the environmental awareness day for the year 2019 are ongoing. The theme for that occasion is set to be “Innovative solutions for environmental challenges and sustainable consumption and production”. This is mainly targeting the causative agents of diseases like pneumonia whose cases rise when there is too much of unwarranted water all over the place.

Why we celebrate world environment day?

  1. The main reason as to why the world environment day is celebrated and recognized is the need to create awareness on the importance of conserving or protection the environment, nature and the planet at large.
  2. It is also celebrated to encourage action for the protection of our environment.   When people are involved in the act of taking care of the environment, they develop a sense of responsibility.
  3. This day is also used to bring to light certain environmental issues that no one is aware of. These issues are raised so that they can be addressed by governments.
  4. World environmental day has also brought global cohesion. This is through bringing together different countries for a common and important course.

How to Celebrate World Environment Day?

  1. The first way of celebrating world environment day is sharing a photo or video on social media. To achieve this, you should first find out the theme of that year. This will serve as a guide for the kind of things or words you have to include in passing on the message of conservation. You can then add a photo or video to your nature album to share on social media or over the internet as your favorite postThis will make the post more noticeable and the message will reach many people because of its catchy feeling.
  2. The second way of celebrating world environment day planning your own event. This can include planning a community clean up event where you can empower people to collect garbage and clean up the surroundings.
  3. You can also celebrate world economic day by reducing the usage of plastic. Plastics are the major pollutants of our environment and hence reducing their usage will have appositive impact on the day.
  4. You can also avoid using your car on that day. You can use other means of transport like walking or bicycles to conserve the environment.

How can we contribute?

  1. We can contribute to this day by sharing awareness on social media on the methods of conserving our environment.
  2. We can also carry out community cleaning on this day. This includes collecting plastics and garbage on the roads and water bodies.
  3. We can also participate in runs and walks that are organized to celebrate this day. These are organized to teach the community on means of environmental conservation
  4. Branding our clothes, cars and faces is also a way that we can contribute to this day as it will also motivate others to celebrate the day.


It is the responsibility of every individual to take part in the observation of the world awareness day because nature, the environment and the earth at large is home for everyone and therefore not the responsibility of just one person but of everyone.

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