Essay on Winter Season for Students


The winter season is usually the coldest season in the year. It is a season that comes after the autumn season and just before spring season.

This season comes with its own celebration as it collides with popular holidays like Christmas in some parts of the world.

There are also numerous places that people can visit during winter to participate in snow activities. The winter season however does not happen in all parts of the world as the tropical zone does not experience the season.

What happens in the winter season?

  1. There are numerous changes that occur during winter. One of this is that some animals migrate.When winter season approaches, some animals move to warmer places and come back after the season comes to an end.
  2. It is also in winter that some animals hibernate. This is due to lack of food sources. Animals hence go into this state to conserve the little amounts of foods.
  3. Also in winter, some plants may die. This is due to the extremely low temperatures.
  4. During the winter season, people tend to wear warm clothes. This includes heavy jackets, sweaters, scarves, heavy socks and boots. This is to protect them from the cold.
  5. There are also some sporting activities that people take part in during winter. This includes ice skating, snowboarding, sledding, skiing, etc.
  6. During winter, some people also decide to visit tropical countries to escape from the cold. This usually comes as a form of vacation to most families.

Northern hemisphere vs Southern hemisphere

Northern hemisphere refers to the part of the world that is above the equator while the Southern hemisphere refers to the part of the world that is below the equator.

The people who live in the Northern hemisphere have colder winter seasons than those who live in the Southern hemisphere. The different in the temperatures in the two regions during this season is the differences in ocean masses and land masses.

When the Northern hemisphere is experiencing winter, the Southern hemisphere is usually in a position where it faces the sun directly and hence has warm temperatures. When it is winter in the Southern hemisphere, the Northern hemisphere is then tilted towards the sun and hence has higher temperatures. Therefore, when it is summer in the southern hemisphere, it is winter in the Northern hemisphere and vice versa.

The winter season happens in different months in the Northern and southern hemisphere. In the Northern hemisphere winter occurs around the 21st day of the month of December while in the Southern hemisphere, winter occurs in the 21st day of the month of June.

Winter Solstice

The winter solstice is the day that is believed to have the shortest duration of daytime and longest duration of night time. This is a day that happens twice in a year that is on the 21st of December in the Northern hemisphere (December Solstice) and on the 21st of June in the Southern hemisphere (June Solstice). The winter solstice happens when there is a pole of the earth that achieves a maximum tilt in a direction away from the sun.

The winter solstice has had numerous cultural significances in ancient inhabitants of the world. It marked a symbolic day that was used to mark various beliefs.


The winter season is the coldest season on earth that brings about changes in lifestyles like changes in dressing. However, there are numerous fun activities that you can take part in during the season to make it memorable. It is a season that is widely celebrated throughout the world.

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