The seasons in India are very enjoyable, and that is why people from all around the world come here to enjoy the various seasons of the country. The country has such beautiful seasons that it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world, and it can get seen by everyone from the various lists available on the web.

Like all the countries in the world, India also has some beautiful tourist attractions, but all those tourist attractions would have no meaning if the climate of India is not suitable for various people of the world.

The world has various kinds of climates, but a country should have a climate which is best suitable for every countryman and, that is why people love India. Here is the list of seasons in India:

  • Winter
  • Summer or Pre-Monsoon
  • Monsoon or rainy season
  • Post-Monsoon or Autumn season


Winter acts as the best season in India not only for Indians but for foreigners as well. During winters, the temperature remains from negative degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius which suits the best for foreigners because this is the common temperature for a lot of countries. People love winter season because, during this time, a lot of places get covered with snow, and people take leave from their jobs and visit Mountains and hill stations which get covered with snow. Places like Manali, Missouri, Kashmir, etc. are always full of tourists during the winter period. The winter season starts from the month December and stays till month March in India.

Summer or pre-Monsoon season

This is the season which starts from April and stays till June. Some of the people love this season very much because of the seasonal fruits and cuisines they get to eat, but a lot of people don’t love this season at all because the temperature during this season rises to 32 to 40 degree Celsius. Even when the temperature rises so above, still it gets observed that tourists from all around the world visit India because India is not only famous for its hill stations, it also has some other places which are very famous and during the summer season, tourists visit those places. Places like temples, holy rivers, famous restaurants, museums, memorable, etc. get mostly visited by the tourists during this season.

Monsoon or rainy season

This is the season which starts from July and ends in September. Though the season gets loved by lots of children and females in the country a lot of people, hate this season due to several reasons. The reasons for hating this wonderful season is because sometimes the rains get so hard that various places get flooded. For example, during this Monsoon, various places of Kerala and Nagaland got flooded due to which people had to suffer major problems. Various crops, plants, and trees get ruined if the rain falls very heavily. And after rain, the humidity level goes extremely high due to which a lot of people die of humidity and heat during this season. Tourists mostly avoid to visit India during this season but still if someone visits the country, they mostly visit places which look fantastic during the rainy season only.

The Autumn season

This is the most loved season by people of India and foreigners as well because the climate remains very calm and cool during this season. It is not too hot not too cold, and that is why people love to wander around various places during this season. The season starts from October and usually ends by Novemberend. During this season, people love to eat the seasonal food items because during this season a lot of new items get introduced which people love very much. A lot of tourists gather in the country during this season and wander around various places like Dharamshala, Shri Vaishno Devi, other holy rivers and various other attractions in the country.


Indian is a great tourist attraction, and everybody knows that, but very little people know that the climates of the country are very loving too. If someone enters the country during the winter season, he will love the view of various hill stations, and when someone enters the country in other seasons, he will get to know about various other tourist attractions of the country and not only that, tourists will get to enjoy various seasonal foods of the country. No matter which season of India is best, people are in love with this country, and they will always visit this country regardless of the season trending.

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