Essay on Save Environment

Most of the countries have the same slogan nowadays, i.e., “Save the environment,” but they don’t have any solution for the people of their country as to how they should save the environment and what are the measures they should take which will be beneficial for the environment.

We all should have a single motive, and that should be to save the environment which is getting degraded day by day.

Here are some ways following which one can help in saving the environment:

Save energy and electricity

The best way to help in saving the environment is by conserving the energy, and there are lots of ways for the same

  • We should switch off all the electrical appliances when we do not use it as those appliances consume lots of energy which is one the biggest reason for the degradation of the environment.
  • A lot of people still do not use LED bulbs in their houses as they feel that other bulbs make their houses brighter, but they need to understand that brightness is not everything, saving some energy is also important by which you will also participate in saving the environment.
  • A lot of companies make electrical appliances which help in saving energy, and they rate them accordingly. Though the appliances which save the maximum energy are a bit expensive, if we purchase those appliances, we will get able to save a good amount of energy which can get used by our future generations.

Save Water

The above point was known to very fewer people that saving energy can also help in saving the environment, but it is known to everyone that saving water can help in saving the environment in a lot of ways and here is how we can save water:

  • Turn off all the taps out of which water is coming out unnecessarily, and nobody is using it because the amount of water on earth is getting decreased day by day and if we don’t conserve water, our future generations will never get able to have life on earth because there is no life on earth without water.
  • Make sure that you conserve all the rainwater during heavy rains because you can utilize that rainwater later in various tasks such as washing clothes, watering plants, etc.
  • It gets noticed that people use their dishwasher multiple times in a day, it consumes a lot of water, and that is why one should only use the dishwasher when it is full.
  • A lot of people don’t know that the water in swimming pools get evaporated when it is uncovered, That is why people should cover the swimming pools so that the water shouldn’t get evaporated and people do not need to fill the swimming pool again.

Save trees

People should get to know that trees are very important for living and for a better environment and that is why we need to save as many trees as possible. Here is how we can save trees-

  • We should limit the use of paper, and we should rather use digital platforms for doing all our tasks. The Prime Minister of India also is promoting paper-free transactions, and that is why people are getting more digital, and paper transactions are getting vanished.
  • People buy notebooks, and textbooks every day, but they need to understand that new books involve lots of use of paper and rather than purchasing new books, one should opt for sharing books or reusing old books.
  • If we can’t save trees, we should plant more trees so that the number of trees should get increase day by day and it will help in saving the environment very much.


We have to change our eating and living habits because for a better living we use lots of wooden products and to make those wooden products people need to cut lots of trees. Similarly, we eat a lot in various restaurants and hotels, and we leave lots of uneaten food and water their which goes in vain as no one consumes it. If we change our habits to buying the food that we can actually eat, then it can bring a change to the environment as well.


If we can follow some of the above points in our day to day life, then we wouldn’t have to make a lot of efforts to save our environment as our habits will bring the change in our environment which will help the future generation to use the resources that we can use.

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