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Republic Day 


In India, Republic day is the day set apart to mark the fateful day when the Indian Constitution was enacted. The Constitution of India was enacted on the 26th day of January in the year 1950.

This Constitution had replaced the Government of India Act of 1935. The 26th of January was then declared as the Republic day in the country. It was also on this date that the Indian independence was declared in 1930 by the Indian National Congress. This is a public holiday in India which is in fact is marked by various celebrations across the country.


From formerly being a British colony, India gained her independence in the year 1947 due to the Indian Independence movement that was led by Mahatma Gandhi. The independence was outlined in the India Independence Act 1947 which was an act that split India into two members of the Commonwealth. However, even after independence, their laws were still contained in the Government of India Act that was previously used by the British. On the 28th of August 1947, Dr. B R Ambedkar led a drafting committee that was tasked with drafting a permanent constitution. The draft constitution was prepared and after a lot of amendments and deliberations, two written copies of the drafted constitution were signed by the 308 members of the Assembly on 24th January 1950. One of the copies was written in English while the other was written in Hindi. On 26th January 1950, the constitution came into effect and ever since this day has been marked as the Republic day.

Why is Republic Day celebrated on 26th January?

In India, the Republic day is celebrated on 26th of January because it was on this day that the Constitution of India came into effect. This was a constitution that was drafted to replace the old Government of India Act of 1935 that was used by the British colonial government. This day was also selected to be the Republic day as it was on this day in 1930 that the Indian National Congress declared Indian independence.

Significance of this day

  1. This is day that is used to mark the abolishment of the Monarchy government and the end of the British regime in India. It was on this day that the country was able to liberate itself from the laws that had been set by the British and they were able to make their own laws.
  2. This day is also significant as it was a day that shaped the democracy of India. It was this day that a democratic India was formed. A country that would be able to make its own laws and elect its own leaders.
  3. Another significance of the day is that it helped to bring justice and equality to the country. The British laws were oppressive and they did not consider all the citizens equal. The new constitutions however helped to abolish inequality in the country.
  4. It is also a significant day as it helps people to remember the freedom fighters who made the day a reality. These are the people who fought to ensure that the country got rid of the British regime that was oppressive.
  5. The day also marks the day that India became a sovereign nation. It became an independent nation that was able to make its own laws and govern itself.

Constitution of India- India became a Republic

The constitution of India is the document that lays out the laws of the country. After India gained independence from the British, the country still used the old Government of India Act of 1935. The country had the need to adopt its own constitution where they would be able to make their own laws and do away with the British laws. This led to the selection of a drafting committee that was led by Dr B R Ambedkar who acted as the chairman who would oversee the drafting of a permanent constitution. After the committee completed drafting the constitution, it was taken to the Assembly that signed two documents of the constitution one in English and the other in Hindu. It was enacted on 26th January 1950 which would then mark the day that India became a republic. This constitution stated India as a Democratic republic and a sovereign and secular state.


The Key or the main celebration of the Republic day happens in New Delhi at the Rajpath. The celebrations in New Delhi take place in the presence of the President of India. The celebrations on this day feature or incorporate parades that are done to mark the rich Indian culture and India’s unity.

In New Delhi, this day is planned by the Ministry of Defense. The celebrations start from the residence of the President, to Raisina hill past the India gate. This parade lasts for three days and it a parade that is used to showcase the capability of the Defense and the rich cultural heritage. The Defense armies take part in the parade in the bands and the President salutes them.

There is also a beating retreat parade that takes place after the end of the Republic day celebrations. This celebration takes place on the 29th of January. It is a day that is led by the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy. The president, who is the Chief Guest of this celebration, arrives at the ceremony after being escorted by a cavalry unit. After receiving a national salute, the Indian National Anthem is sung. All the three units of the army take part in playing popular musical tunes with various instruments.

Who hoists the flag on Republic Day?

When or during the Republic day celebrations, the President of India hoists the National Flag in New Delhi at Rajpath. For those who are not in New Delhi, the governor of each state is tasked with the role of hoisting the flag in their state. The governments’ representatives and official hoist the flag in their various offices. Flag hoisting is very important on this day to make sure that the significance of the country as a republic and a sovereign state is well portrayed.

Difference between Republic Day and Independence Day

Republic day is a day that is used to mark the day that India enacted its new Constitution on 26th January 1950. The Independence Day however is day that is used to celebrate the day that the country of India gained freedom from the British on 15th August 1947. While the Republic day is used to celebrate the sovereignty of the country, the Independence Day is used to remember and celebrate the freedom fighters who led India into independence.


India’s Republic day takes place on the 26th January and is a day that is very important to the citizens of India. This is because it is a day that marks the day that the country came up with its own constitution that would be different from the British laws written in the Government of India Act. There are various celebrations that are carried out in the country. The president leads these celebrations that last for three days. Flag hoisting is also a very important act that is performed on this day.

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