Essay on Prevention is Better Than Cure

The proverb “prevention is better than cure” perfectly describes how we should live our daily lives. Always choose safety above regret and stay out of harm’s way—prevention in action. We can protect ourselves from any danger that could harm our health, time, or money by practising prevention. Prevention is essential if we want to live healthy lives.

100 Words Essay on Prevention is Better Than Cure

The phrase “Prevention is better than cure” prompts us to take preventive measures and always exercise caution. If prevention doesn’t work, it’s best to seek help immediately rather than put it off. Prevention gives us some mental assurance that nothing wrong will occur. For Example: our medical issues persist for a long time or substantially and cannot be controlled by preventive measures. In that case, they must be correctly treated and resolved by pharmaceuticals or other forms of treatment.

On the other hand, we will become ill if we engage in harmful behaviours like consuming a lot of junk food and soda. If we watch what we do, we can prevent something similar. Therefore, prevention is far superior to treatment.

200 Words Essay on Prevention is Better Than Cure

“Prevention is better than cure” is a well-known famous adage about our health and living well. For humans, being in good health is a priceless gift. We can create stunning homes, earn enormous wealth, and so on, but we cannot buy good health after serious illnesses have seriously damaged it. All luxuries have an immediate value reduction to zero when we have a disease. Preventive measures assist us in leading a tranquil, happy existence by aiding us in avoiding hurdles. The proverb “prevention is better than cure” must become a part of our lives if we want to live long and prospering lives.

Safe and Happy Life

People will always be safe and happy if they employ prevention to avoid issues. Many people, especially the impoverished, cannot afford the high cost of medical procedures. To avoid needing a cure, we must take good care of ourselves through efficient preventative measures. Life can be happier and more peaceful if we exercise discipline.

By thoroughly grasping the purpose and guiding principles of prevention, we may all learn how to safeguard ourselves against fatal and life-threatening diseases. The value of self-control, discipline, and patience cannot be understated if one wants to live a more colourful life.

500 Words Essay on Prevention is Better Than Cure

Humans have a propensity for being sick, just like any other living thing. The countless diseases and bacteria in our surroundings have the power to badly ill humans. The majority of us also have several viruses and other germs in our bodies. Because of this, it is very unsettling how quickly we can get sick.


According to the proverb, “Prevention is better than a cure”, controlling the spread of an illness is more successful than curing it. This is due to the fact that treating a sickness depletes time, money, and resources. Additionally, the patient might not fully recover from the illness, or they might experience other side effects.

We need to comprehend a few factors in order to grasp why prevention is preferable to treatment. For instance, adhering to strict sanitary procedures and adopting good hygiene is simple. Additionally, the cost is very low and the community’s or society’s morale would be high.

Why is it important?

If a person suffers a “preventable” illness, the illness’s treatment could be challenging. The treatment’s accompanying costs could be costly and time-consuming as well. Additionally, it can increase the likelihood that the sick person’s family members will have the same illness (if communicable).

Additionally, some illnesses could have a societal stigma. Even though unjustified, these things lower the affected person’s spirits. Stopping unhealthy habits like drinking, smoking, or risky sexual behaviour is another factor. These are probable locations where people may contract diseases due to their dietary and lifestyle choices. If sufficient safety precautions were implemented, such diseases might be readily prevented.


The ease with which diseases can now spread across international borders results from globalisation. The coronavirus pandemic is the most recent illustration of how quickly an infection may spread. There is legitimate cause for concern, given this disease’s alarmingly high fatality rate. Since there is no known treatment for the coronavirus, most people who contract the illness end up dying; the infection can also spread through sneezing or coughing, like the common cold, because it is so contagious. As a result, the phrase “prevention is better than a cure” is more applicable than ever.


In situations like this, we must ensure that every care is taken to prevent the spread. Furthermore, maintaining good hygiene is essential because sloppy sanitation methods are the primary cause of most water-borne illnesses. As we contact our faces and mouths with our hands, washing them with soap is necessary. Through these openings, several diseases infiltrate our bodies. Our body’s immunity declines as we age, which impacts our bodies and makes infections more difficult to treat. The risk of death can be considerably increased if a disease is extremely severe or is left untreated.

In conclusion, treating a condition that can be prevented requires more time, energy, and resources. It may also bring about several additional unfavourable effects that can lower living standards. Therefore, it is always advisable to take precautions to safeguard your safety and well-being.

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