Essay on Population

Long and Short Essay on Population in English for Children and Students

Essay on Population


By population, we mean the number of human beings living on earth. The population is getting increasedday by day, and various government organizations do their bit continuously to make sure that some kind of control gets put to the world population.

Various seminars get conducted every day at various places in the world to make sure that people know about population, and they should help in controlling the population on earth.

But the growing population is a problem, which is getting increased day by day and we could not yet find a solution for it.

World Population

A lot of organizations do the census of world daily, and some of them even have a live meter looking at which one can get to know about the exact population of the world. Currently, around 7.7 billion people liveon earth, and this number is getting increased rapidly. We as human beings need to know that population is getting increased, however, resources are getting decreased, that is why control should get put on the population.

Population of India

The population of India is getting increased day by day, and that is why it is the second most populated country in the world after China. Researchers say that India will soon reach at the top regarding most populated countries in the world. The current scenario of India’s population is that a couple of days back the population of India was 1358599751. But the number is getting increased every second. People need to know that the poverty in the country can get reduced if the population in the country gets controlled, but from past several years, the population has steadily increased in India.

Population growth in India
Population growth in India

Population growth in India

The rapid growth in population can get assumed from the fact that the 2011 census revealed that the population of India is near to 125 crore persons. But the number has reached to 135 crores in mere seven years. The population is continuously getting increased in the country, and we should make certain efforts to make sure that the population is getting controlled.

Main causes of Population growth in India

  • Illiteracy in India is the biggest reason for population growth because of people aren’t aware of the impact that population growth has on them and that is why a single family has more than two children in a lot of families.
  • Due to lack of health education, a lot of people still do not adopt family control measures.
  • Even if people get educated, still they aren’t aware of the problems that they can go through due to the increasing population.

These were some main causes of population growth. Population control is important because we will know that the resources on earth are getting vanished slowly and if we didn’t control on the population, there would be no resources left for next generations.

How to control the population growth?

  • Various seminars should get conducted at various places in India and around the world about the world population and how one should control it. Looking at which people will get aware of the increasing population and some of them may help in reducing the population as well.
  • Birth control measures should get promoted because the world needs them now. Using these products, the population can get controlled easily.


The population is getting increased rapidly. If you know about the bad effects of overpopulation, tell them to others as well so that population can get controlled in the future.

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