Essay on Neem Tree for Students

Neem tree or Azadirachta Indica is one of the most used trees in India and around the world.

Neem leaves get used as an essential herb for a lot of medicines and at a lot of places, people eat neem leaves with water daily to stay healthy and fit.

Neem tree has lots of herbal properties due to which it can cure a lot of diseases which chemical medicines cannot cure. If you ask about Neem to various Ayurvedic doctors, they will tell you how important Neem trees are for human beings. Neem trees mostly get found in Asia and some parts of the Middle East but its leaves, oil and food items get used in all around the world. Here are some properties and detailed information about Neem tree:

  • It is a fast growing tree and it can grow up to 35 to 40 meters, however, the average height of a neem tree is 15 to 20 meters.
  • It remains gree throughout the year, but if there are circumstances when the place gets hits with drought, then most of its leaves fall and the tree and its branches remain leafless.
  • The tree can show its best growth on sandy and well-drained soil. It gets known that for good growth of a neem tree, it should get placed at a fertilized land and at a land where average rainfall is good. However, it can also grow on land with lesser rain but the growth wouldn’t be as good as it would be on a fertilized land.
  • In some countries, it gets treated as a weed which means the purchase and selling of neem products get restricted at such places. Some of these countries are Australia, Part of the Middle East and West Africa etc.

Uses of Neem tree

There are a lot of uses of neem and its products and the following are a few of those uses:

  • Some of the people dry neem leaves and place them inside their cupboard to save them from any kinds of insects.
  • Neem products also get used as vegetables in India as south India, northeastern and various Asian countries use neem leaves and seeds to make some special sort of vegetables.
  • A lot of people in the villages use the combs made of Neem tree wood as it gets known that people who use neem made combs get lesser dandruff, the lesser problem of hair fall and lesser scalp problems.
  • People in India continuously use soaps and face washes made of neem substances as neem is very good for skin and it can help in the solution of a pimple and acne problems.

Cultural use of Neem tree

Neem tree gets associated with a lot of Hindu festivals and tribal festivals of various Indian communities. A lot of prayers get conducted with the help of neem leaves and at a lot of places eating neem is necessary for India as they feel that no problems can occur if only one neem leaf gets eaten a day.

Neem tree is a multipurpose tree as you can use it for medicinal purposes; you can use to make some delicious food items; you can use them in your prayers and there are hundreds of uses of Neem tree which people are not even aware of. Though the taste of Neem is bitter, but some bitterness can bring a lot of good health to you.

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