Nature is the pulse of the planet that we live in. It is always around us in noticeable or transformed manifestations that we have come to take it for a given. We can define nature of as “the phenomena of the physical world collectively”. By this we mean to include all plants, animals, landscape and all other features of planet Earth. Understanding nature becomes clear when contrasted with what is not nature. Nature does not include the manmade structures around us like the buildings or the roads. Nature is the creative and controlling force that operates in the universe. This feature has been often the reason for viewing nature as God and for nature worship to emerge as a practise. The presence of nature is innate and inseparable to human existence.

  1. Provide clean air: Nature maintains the purity of air which is essential for maintaining life on earth
  2. Provide clean water: Nature provides us with abundance of clean water that is used for variety of purposes beginning with basic survival needs
  3. Promote health: Being in nature and close to nature promotes good health
  4. Food and nutrition: The nature provides us food and nutrition that becomes very crucial for our survival
  5. Improve quality of life: Being close to nature and part of nature and the environment improves quality of life and living for all
  6. Healthy development of children: Being in touch with nature and growing up with nature contributes to the healthy physical and cognitive development of children
  7. Beauty: Nature is very beautiful and the panorama adds beauty to our life and to this earth
  8. Recreation and relaxation: Engaging with nature is a very helpful source of recreation and relaxation for many
  9. Positive emotions: Being amidst nature brings about positivity and encourages positive emotions in the individual
  10. Peace of mind: Nature has the ability to kindle a spirit of peace within oneself and helps feel clear and mindful
  11. Provide rain: The natural processes provide rain that replenishes the water cycle on earth
  12. Balance of seasons: It maintains the seasonal balances and timely onset of seasons like summer, spring and winter
  13. Repository of resources: The nature is abundant of resources like minerals and all kinds of materials like soil and wood that we use to build materials that we use in our daily lives
  14. Provide energy resources: The nature is abundant in energy resources, beginning from solar energy to deposits of coal and natural gas which are the foundation for the present society
  15. Sustenance of life: Nature is the foundation for life on earth and no life can sustain without nature
  16. Preserve the ecosystem: Natural processes play and important and essential role in maintaining the ecosystem of diverse flora and fauna
  17. Make earth suitable for life forms: The preservation of ecosystem is very much vital for survival of life forms
  18. Diversity of life forms: Nature presents to us a diversity of organisms that form the interconnected ecosystem that we live in and are very much essential for our survival
  19. Ecological balance: Nature is very important and imperative for the maintenance of ecological balance in the planet
  20. Purifying the planet: Nature as a system purifies and maintains the balance of various ecological and biological processes that sustain the planet and life forms on it

Nature is very essential for human survival on Earth. And yet, we go on to exploit and pollute nature for our selfish interests. It’s time for us to reflect at the choices that we have taken with regard to nature and the ways in which we use it. Nature is key to our survival and so is the protection of nature.

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