Essay on National Bird (Peacock)


Peacock is the national bird of India, and it is one of the most beautiful creations on the earth. India has lots of bird species present at various parts of the country, but still, a peacock got declared as the national bird of India due to the immense amount of beauty peacock has.

About Peacock – We all know that Peacock is the national bird of India, but there are various parts of the country where peacocks are not available, and hence a lot of people have not watched their national bird. Peacock has other names as well, first is Indian peafowl and its scientific name is Pavo cristatus. The bird was previously found only in India and Sri Lanka, but now it is visible in various other countries around the world.

Importance of Peacock for Indians

Indians have the huge importance of peacock, and these points tell about the importance:

  • Peacock is the national bird of India and Indians whenever see a peacock; they respect it like some special creature of God. It is a special creature because there are very fewer creations made by God which are as beautiful as a peacock.
  • The number of peacocks in India is getting decreased day by day, and hence people show special attention towards the perseverance of their national bird.
  • People immediately complain to the forest department or police when they see someone trying to kill peacocks.
  • Forest department take special care of peacocks, and they get kept at such places where they can find their prey to eat and stay healthy.

Where We Find Peacocks the Most

Here are some places where peacocks get found the most:

  • The peacocks get seen the most in areas which are full of greenery and trees especially. That is why the places which are full of forests are full of peacocks.
  • In India, it gets found in Jammu and Kashmir region, Assam region and Mizoram region the most. There are several other regions where peacocks get found the most but these three are covered with forests, and that is why peacocks are mostly available there.
  • If we talk about other countries, Sri Lanka is the country where a maximum number of peacocks are available after India. Usually, the bird was never visible anywhere else in the world, but according to recent news, Peacock is available in various other parts of the world as wel

Some Important Facts About Peacocks

Here are some important facts about peacocks:

  • The average running speed of the National bird of India is 13Km/h.
  • The average length of a male peacock is about 1.95 to 2.25 meters, and the average length of a female peahen is about 0.95 meters.
  • Peacocks live for a maximum of 20 years, and if not killed by someone, they have an average lifespanof 15 to 20 years.
  • The average weight of a male peacock is about 5Kg, and the average weight of a female peahen is about 3.5 Kg.
  • The maximum number of peacocks are available in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.
  • The national bird of India stays in areas which are full of forests, but they also need some human habitats nearby. Scientists have explored and found that peacocks can’t live long if human habitats are not near it.
  • Peacock got considered as the national bird of India because of the beauty and colorfulness of the bird. As India is full of different castes and colors, this bird represents the colors of the country as well.
  • Peacock got adopted as the national bird of India in the year 1963.
  • Peacocks get fully protected by the forest department, people of India and they also fall under Indian wildlife protection act due to which the protection of national bird of India is of top notch.


The national bird of India is a beautiful bird, and that is why whenever people get to see it, they try to capture it in their cameras. The sad thing is the national bird can’t be seen in crowded areas because they are omnivores and they need a wild lifestyle to stay healthy and that is why peacocks can only be visible in forest areas. Though the number of peacocks is still not available people have found that the number is on the lower side and people should do their best for the protection of the national bird of India. One should not kill any peacock and should not let any other person kill the national bird of India then only one can get called as a responsible citizen of India.

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