Essay on Importance of Sun

Importance Of Sun

We people don’t know the importance of sun in our lives, but it is a fact that if someone doesn’t get the sunlight for a few days, the life on earth will become impossible. There are different timings for different seasons of sunrise and sunset, and we set our priorities of work according to the timing of sunset and sunrise. Certain tasks can be accomplished during the night only, and certain are there that can be done in the morning only

What is the Sun? Sun has been a symbol of life in many civilizations, and it continues to be so in many of them yet. Sun, which is only a star in our solar system is seen as a central entity around which all life revolves, and rightfully so. Sun provides energy to all living things and ushers the day. It is a ball of fire, far enough to not destroy with its heat but near enough to let us feel its warmth. Sun symbolizes purity in a way where all that is pure remains when the impure is burnt away by the heat of the sun. The following are the reasons why the sun is so important.

Importance of Sun Energy
Importance of Sun Energy

Importance of Sun

  • Sunlight is vital for a person because it provides us Vitamin D which is an essential vitamin for human growth. Sunlight helps activate the vitamin D that is required for healthy teeth, bones and excellent mental health. Sunbath is looked forward to in the winter days.
  • Sun holds the entire solar system, and it is noticeable that life wouldn’t be there on earth if the sun is not there.
  • Sun provides warmth to our planet. The importance is felt primarily in the cold countries where it is a pleasure to feel the rays of sunlight in the cold wind.
  • Sun is a source of energy. With the dawn, all living creatures rise after rest and energized by the sun go forth at their daily work. With the help of sunlight, scientists are making electricity with the help of a solar panel.
  • Sun is a major religious idol in many cultures. Sun worship is considered the highest form of worship. For instance, in India, Sun gets treated like a God, and people do various kinds of rituals for him.
  • Solar energy is known to be the pure fuel of the future which doesn’t have any kind of pollution with it. Solar energy is with time becoming a favorite source of energy. Solar panels convert sunlight into electric power to run small appliances thus releasing the pressure on thermal power.
  • Sunlight is the biggest source of light. When the sun sets, the electric lights take over but can never replace the light that the day knows.
  • Sun is seen as a symbol of royalty because of it being a source of light and energy and a life-giving
  • Sun helps take away all the germs and insects and mold that come in clothes and food grains the absence of sunlight.
  • The farm produces when the cut is best dried in sunlight. People prefer to dry clothes in the sunlight to keep them germfree.
  • With the help of the sun, one gets to know about the direction he is traveling which used to be the only way one could find his direction in ancient times.
  • The beauty of the night sky is seen because of the sunlight that is reflected in the moon and the stars.


There are certain uses of sunlight which is very useful for humans and plants, and there are various other vitamins, etc. which are best available with the help of sunlight. Sun is one of the first objects in the sky that a child learns about. It is the symbol of light strength, valor, and truth. On sunny days when it burns down on us, we may want to wish it away but a stretch of cloudy days, when the sun is not seen makes anyone yearn for a day of spending time out in the sun. Sun helps keep our mind healthy.

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