Essay on Importance of Library

The library is the least visited place by students as they feel that the library is quite a boring place. However, it is known as the temple of education because one may be able to find books of any kinds in a library.

Students nowadays need to know the importance of the library. However, they are more focused on studying on the web and reading various e-books.

What is a Library? A library is a place where a collection of books is housed. Although this is generally what a library is taken to mean, it may also denote a location where other resources like videos or pictures are stored. The library can also be in a digital form rather than a physical place. A library is also now seen as a place, physical or virtual, where resources of learning are available in multiple forms, such as books, journals, magazines, videos, music, etc.

Below is a discussion about the importance of the library.

The Importance of Library

  • In a library, one can find an extensive range of books on various subjects, all in one place. There are also facilities like interlibrary loans in case some titles aren’t available in one library.
  • Libraries have a small fee, which is really a fraction of the cost of even one book, usually. You can read many books at that fee. Public libraries can often be free. One doesn’t have to buy all the books that are necessary to read, especially for students. The cost of buying all those books would be expensive.
  • Libraries help to perform better in examinations because students can make notes by reading various kinds of books.
  • Teachers have good knowledge about subjects, but they can’t have good knowledge as one can gain by reading various books from the library. A library is an important source of knowledge. It has reference books of all kinds besides books of interest, archives of films, videos and music and plenty of digitalized
  • Even if a student doesn’t like to attend classes, one can gain an immense amount of knowledge by reading books in a library.
  • One need not worry about the space to store so many books at the same time. They are easily accommodated in a library.
  • Buying a book often depends upon its availability in the shop. In a library, one can quickly check if the book is available and borrow. In case it has been borrowed by another, it is possible to put oneself on a waiting list.
  • Books in a library are generally very well cataloged and arranged. One need not keep searching for a book everywhere.
  • The library acts as the best study place because you can find the relevant books as well as a perfect atmosphere to study. The Importance of the library also lies in the fact that they usually have a dedicated space where one can read in peach with minimal disturbance.
  • A library is a job place from where a lot of librarians earn bread and butter for their family. But the knowledge that librarians can share with you would not be available on the internet.
  • Everything available on the internet at various blogs and websites is human written, and it may or may not get well researched, but in libraries, you may find all the answers of multiple questions which are best available.
  • A library is a handy place for the local society. There are often other events such as book reading or book publishing and even reading sessions for children that can be very valuable.
  • A lot of people share their notes with each which increase the social life of people.


Even with e-books and stuff available on the internet, the learning process can’t be as easy as reading a physical copy of any book. The library is still the best source to gain knowledge. A library is a significant public utility dedicated to a noble cause. Every town and city must have at least one library. This will be a beneficial addition for the students and the children because it helps teach good reading habits and also encourage research by self rather than just learning what is taught in class with no interactive element.

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