Essay on Importance of Games and Sports in Student Life

Importance Of Games And Sports In Student Life

What are Games and Sports? Games and sports are an important aspect of childhood and student life. Games are the activities that are played for amusement whereas sports are more formal and involve a high level of mental and physical exertion. Sports are performed in a predefined format with strict rules. Games are more fun and evolve as required, and the rules can be bent again for fun. Sports need the right equipment whereas games used improvised equipment if at all. Both are activities apart from the curriculum. They widen the imagination required for education. So sports and games are essential for students.

Student’s life is always the most stressful life because they need to go through lots of problems and nervousness daily. Consequently, that is why it is recommended to all the students to play various kinds of sports in their young age.

The importance of games and sports in student life is very high because of a lot of facts.

Games and Sports in Student Life
Games and Sports in Student Life

Importance of Games and Sports in Student Life

  • Games make us more focused towards our goals, and we cannot achieve such a focus in any other field.
  • Sports make us mentally as well as physically strong, and a student needs that mental toughness to achieve something in life.
  • Sports is necessary because it teaches a student how to work with a team and how to manage yourself when an entire team has the same goal. Students learn the value of working harmoniously as a team and appreciate the importance of teamwork.
  • Games and sports give the canvas to students for imagination. Games such as dumb charades or role play are meant to fire up their imagination.
  • Playing games help develop problem-solving skills for students which they can then use everywhere in life including academics.
  • Students need to have extracurricular activities to even out the stressing effects of academics. Games and sports effectively provide them with the necessary balance.
  • Sports can be a career option for a lot of people because if somebody knows a game very well he can become a teacher of it and he can earn well.
  • Children learn faster while playing games. Skills such as counting, calculations vocabulary, etc. can be developed much faster and in a fun way by playing games such as snakes and ladders, scrabble, etc.
  • The activities in games and sports are the way for students to socialize with like-minded boys and girls. They form friendships based on similar likes.
  • Children need amusement. As against sitting in front of the television, playing games and sports provide more wholesome amusement which is meaningful. A student also needs some sort of entertainment in his life and playing the sport that a student loves keeps him entertained.
  • Playing sport and games indicate a fit and healthy lifestyle. This if continued leads to the students growing up as fit and health-conscious
  • Children have bodies that require a high amount of activity as well as a high level of nutrition. The physical activity in games and sports helps them take in more food and thus growth works on them, of course, coupled with enough rest.
  • Games and sports often require concentration. For instance, a Rubik’s cube needs the student to sit and concentrate as it is solved. That helps them also in studies.


A student can have an excellent mental and physical growth and mental toughness if he keeps on playing various kinds of sports in his life. Students who spend a lot of time playing games and sports find themselves refreshed for the mental activity that is required for academics. Children can sit much calmly, and the attention needed to understand concepts and to learn new skills becomes easy. Besides they spend time more creatively and actively as against low activity pastimes.

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