Essay on Hockey – History, Basic Rules, Importance


Hockey is a form of sport that involves two teams. The two teams compete against each other by moving around a ball using a hockey stick and score it into the opponent’s goals.

There are different types of hockey and this includes ice hockey, field hockey or bandy.

History of hockey

Hockey is a sport that has been in existence for many years. It is believed that the first game of hockey can be traced back to the countries of Egypt and Ethiopia. This was where a crude form of hockey was initially played. This was around 4000 years ago and 1000 BC respectively. There is also evidence available in museums that show that hockey was also played by Greeks, Romans and Indians centuries ago. A museum in Athens contains a marble slab that proves that the Greek youth played field hockey. The word hockey is believed to have originated from the French word ‘hoquet’ which means ‘shepherd’s crook’. Over the years, this sport has advanced to form the modern hockey.

History of hockey in India

The history of hockey in India can be traced back to the year 1885-1886. This was when the first hockey club in India was formed in Calcutta. At this time, there were no national competitions for the sport. The year 1895 saw some advancement as it was the time when the Beighton Cup tournament was organized in Calcutta and the Aga Khan tournament was organized in Bombay. The Hot Weather tournament of Lahore gained popularity in the early 20th century. Throughout this time, there was no central body for this sport. In the year 1925, the Indian Hockey Federation was formed which gave the Indian players a chance to play globally. Indian players played their first international match in New Zealand where they won 18 matches, lost 1 match and drew 2 matches. After the Indian hockey federation got authorization for global membership in 1927, they participated in the 1928 Summer Olympic Games.

Basic rules in hockey

  1. The first rule is that only two teams with eleven members each are allowed in the pitch at any one time. Teams can however substitute players as many times as possible.
  2. One is not allowed to kick the ball with their feet.
  3. Another rule in hockey is that one is not allowed to swing their hockey sticks too high. This is to avoid hitting other players.
  4. No third party is allowed to interfere as only two players are allowed to touch the ball at a time.
  5. One can only hit the ball with the face of the stick. Using the back side attracts a penalty.
  6. It is allowed to intercept the ball when another player has it but you should not push them.
  7. One can score through three ways and this includes a field goal, a penalty corner and a penalty stroke.

Importance of hockey

  1. Hockey is important in enhancing physical fitness. This is because it is a form of sport which offers exercise.
  2. Hockey is also important in developing talents and skills. Some people have become very successful due to their prowess in the sport.
  3. Hockey also helps in reducing excess body weight. By playing, one can burn a lot of calories.
  4. Hockey also helps in the development of coordination skills. This is because as a player, you learn how to coordinate your hands and eyes at the same time.
  5. Hockey also contributes to better time management. This is beneficial it young people as they avoid idleness by becoming a part of a sport.
  6. Hockey leads to increased social relationships. It offers a platform where one can make long lasting friendships with their teammates.
  7. Hockey also offers a sense of pride. This is to prominent players who have won significant awards.


Hockey is a very beneficial sport. It is not as difficult as people perceive it but it has rules that are almost similar to football. Becoming a member of a hockey club is important if you want a platform where you can grow your talent and skills.

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