Essay on Garden – Types, Features, Benefits, Tips


A garden refers to a space that is reserved for the cultivation and farming of various plants. A garden is mostly found in the outdoors although those with limited spaces of land may opt to make one indoors by use of certain practices.

Gardens can contain human-made plants or natural plants. The act of maintaining a garden is referred to as gardening and most of the people do this as a hobby or out of passion.

A garden has very many benefits that it provides. It is very essential for people who have gardens to ensure that they take care of them.

Types of Gardens

  1. The first type of a garden is the vegetable garden. This is the most common type of garden that most people have. It contains materials like carrots, tomatoes, spinach, pepper, etc. Most of the people have this garden to reduce the cost of purchasing vegetables.
  2. Some people also keep flower gardens. Since flowers are mostly used for beautification purposes, having this type of garden will give you a beautiful and appealing yard.
  3. Herb gardens are used to grow plants that have medicinal value. They are also used to grow spices and ingredients that can be used in cooking,
  4. Some people also keep greenhouse gardens. This is mainly used by people who want to grow plants throughout the year without worrying about seasons.
  5. Another type of garden is the tropical garden. This is kept by people who want to get a tropical look in their compound by planting tropical plants. This type of garden requires a lot of water.
  6. Botanical gardens are those that are mainly planted in public areas like parks and people visit these gardens to view the wide array of plants.
  7. Therapeutic gardens are used to help people undergoing conditions like depression, stress and anxiety. Gardening is used as a form of therapy.

Features of Gardens

  1. The first feature of a garden is Paths are left on the sides or in the middle of the garden to make it easier for gardening.
  2. Another characteristic that is common to most gardens is Plants are planted in rows or columns to give space for the growth of each.
  3. Another common feature of gardens is soil. Gardens contain soil that is used to give plants nutrients and support the plants.
  4. A garden also contains borders that are used to protect the plants from being stepped on.
  5. The main feature of a garden is plants. A garden is not complete without it having plants.

Benefits of gardens

  1. Gardens are a major source of food to many families. Edible crops are planted on gardens to reduce costs of purchasing vegetables from shops.
  2. Gardens also have medicinal benefits. There are some gardens that are used to plant herbs that can be used to cure certain illnesses.
  3. Gardens also promote eco-tourism. People may visit some botanical gardens or natural gardens that have beautiful views.
  4. Gardening has therapeutic benefits. This practice has been attributed to relaxing the mind thus helping people with depression, anger and anxiety.
  5. Another benefit of gardens is that they offer a very effective form of exercise. This is through gardening.

Gardening tips

  1. The first way of taking care of your garden is making sure that you constantly uproot weeds that may be competing for nutrients with your plants.
  2. You should also ensure that you add fertilizer or manure to ensure that your plants have enough nutrients for proper growth.
  3. You should also your plants have enough water supply. This can be done through irrigation.
  4. You should also constantly spray pesticides that will help you get rid of bugs and insects that may destroy your plants.
  5. If you have planted trees or plants that have stems and branches, you should do regular trimming to contribute to proper growth of the plant.
  6. When planting the plants, you should make sure that they are not crowded to reduce spread of infections and give ample space for growth.

Taking care of a garden is very simple and there are also many books that give various gardening tips.

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