Essay on Father

Essay On Father

Father is the person who doesn’t show that he loves you, but he is the person who loves you the most. He is the person who can sacrifice for the sake of your happiness.

Youngsters nowadays have a thought that is listening to their father’s scolding or thoughts don’t make them look cool, and that is why a lot of youngsters don’t even talk to their parents.

But the reality is that if somebody doesn’t talk to his parents, he will have to face a lot of problems in his life.

Father is our friend who understands our problems very well because he also has gone through such problems and that is why he provides us the best solution to any kinds of problems, and that is why the generation like ours would never give more importance to anyone else than our father. A father helps you financially, fights for you with someone physically and supports you mentally. All in all, he does his duty very well.

Even when Fathers do all the hard work for their entire life to feed us in a good manner, still our mouth will have one word on our mouth whenever we are in pain and, i.e., “Mother.” A mother loves you, cares for you and adores you, and her love is very much visible to everyone, and that is why we love her very much too, and we remember her whenever we are in pain.

Being a dad
Being a dad

Father is a person, with whom you can share everything, and he will listen to all your joys and sorrows, and he will try to convert your sorrows into joys. So if you have a father, feel very fortunate and love him as much as you can so that he gets to know that you have known the actual importance of having a father.

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