Essay on Environment for Students


The environment can be described as the things that are around us. This rages from both living and non-living things. All living things depend upon the environment for life.

Living things interact with the environment and they learn how to become adapted to the environmental conditions that they live in. Since the environment is very useful, we all need to learn how to take care of it and protect it.

The environment is very important to human beings, animals and all plants as it is through interactions with the environment that we are able to survive.

Components of the environment

  1. The environment is made up of the atmosphere. This is the part that contains the gases that are needed for various uses including breathing and crop growth.
  2. Another component of the environment is the This is the part of the environment that contains water. This is water that is found in the water bodies, underground and even on glaciers.
  3. The lithosphere is the component of the environment that comprises the soil and rocks that are beneficial in supporting plant growth and providing habitats to many animals.
  4. The biosphere is the component of the environment that is made up of all living things. This includes all plants and animals each of which interact with the other components of the environment.

Types of environment

  1. Natural environment is the environment that is composed of the living and non-living things that exist naturally on the surface of the earth. It includes water, air, rocks and life.
  2. The manmade or artificial environment is that which is made up of things that were made by man. This type of environment is composed of things like buildings, energy and infrastructure.
  3. The social environment is the one that is inclusive of the social settings that surround us. This includes the communications that we have with people, culture and our interactions with others.


  1. Plants helps us get food.
  2. We also have the sunlight that provides animals with warmth, provides energy and enables plants to grow.
  3. We have water that is needed by both plants and animals for survival.
  4. We also have trees that provide many benefits to human beings and animals.
  5. The soil is needed to support plant growth.
  6. From the air, plants and animals are able to live.
  7. Microorganisms like bacteria also make up the environment and are used in processes like decomposition.

Environmental factors affecting health

  1. Water quality can affect our health since unclean and unsafe water can cause certain water borne illnesses like cholera and typhoid.
  2. Air quality also affects our health since inhaling polluted and contaminated air can bring about breathing and respiratory problems.
  3. Too much noise in our surroundings can also contribute to development of hearing problems.
  4. Poor quality of food can also negatively affect our health as eating contaminated food can result into stomach problems.
  5. Pests can also negatively affect our health. This includes pests like bedbugs, mosquitoes and lice.
  6. Garbage sites can also affect our health since it is from these sites that soil that plants grow on is polluted and water is also polluted hence affecting our health.
  7. Chemicals that are found in the environment may also prove to be toxic and hazardous to people.
  8. Radiation that may occur in the environment is very harmful as it may cause the growth of cancerous cells.
  9. The crowded urban environment also affects health negatively since it may cause spread of diseases.

How to protect the environment

  1. Reducing the use of plastics will protect the environment since plastics are the major cause of pollution.
  2. By planting trees, we protect the environment as trees help to combat climate change and they also help to clean the air that we breathe.
  3. By conserving energy, we protect the environment since the production of energy causes the degradation of the environment.
  4. By walking every now and then, you are able to protect the environment as you will reduce the level of air pollution caused by the fumes of cars.
  5. You can also protect the environment by using recyclable bags and carriers that will reduce the litter found on garbage disposal sites.
  6. Organizing and carrying out environmental cleanup days will also lead to environmental protection as you will be able to reduce the number of pollutants.
  7. The environment can also be protected by avoiding poaching and activities that may lead to the extinction and death of animal species.
  8. Farmers should also opt for sustainable farming methods to ensure there is no soil degradation and to reduce pollution caused by harsh fertilizers and pesticides.


The environment is made up of various components each if which provides unique benefits to us. Due to its importance, it is important to take care of it to ensure that we ensure our future survival.

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