Essay on Dreams

Essay on Dreams


Dreams are a Psycho-emotional phenomenon that happens in our brains. In dreams our mind imagines certain situations, people, events or things. While we are in the dream world, these situations and things seem as real as the real world.

Dreams can also mean life aspirations. In this case, we get eager to accomplish those dreams and, in this process, we get the goal of our life that a lot of people don’t have in their lives.

Dreams can be one any kind, but they can only be beneficial if you work hard to accomplish them. However, in this piece, we will talk about the dreams of night time, those of daytime and their value to us.

Dreams of ...
Dreams of …

Dreams of Night-time

Dreams of the Night-time are a generally subconscious mental phenomenon that manifests in our minds when we are asleep. Scientific and Medical evidence suggests that thoughts, emotions, and desires that get suppressed due to any reason in our minds manifest themselves in our dreams. These dreams are involuntary, so we have no control over our dreams.

Dreams of Day-time

Dreams during the awake state are our deepest motivational and inspirational desires. These are not completely involuntary. Though there is a subconscious component to these dreams too, generally they are in our conscious control. People have dreams of becoming rich, famous and successful in life. This can mean different things to different people depending on their definitions of success.

Value of Dreams in our life

Our Conscious Dreams give meaning and purpose to our life. Without dreams, our life seems meaningless. Generally, everyone has one or two big dreams that they want to achieve in life. Their working time, energy and resources are channelized towards the achievement of these dreams. Some people share their dreams with their close friends and family. Others follow their dreams secretly in their minds.

Dreams. What do they mean?
Dreams. What do they mean?

Is it important to watch dreams?

  • A lot of people don’t have a goal in their lives, and we watch dreams about something that we love very much or something that we want to do in our lives, and when we watch something in a dream, we should work to fulfill that dream which can also become the goal of your life.
  • Fulfilling a dream is never easy for example if someone wants to become a doctor and he dreamt about it, he has to study day and night consistently to reach a situation where he can become a doctor.
  • Watching and following the dreams also helps in making someone very discipline, it is because when someone wants to be a player or an educationist or anyone, he needs to start the hard work and for that, he will have to leave all his bad habits and focus on the good ones.


Both the Conscious and Unconscious dreams play very significant roles in our lives. Dreams are connected to our deepest desires. Most people focus their entire lives to achieving their dreams. It is through achieving their dreams that human beings achieve great feats of success

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