Essay on Diversity in India

The diversity in India is commendable with seven union territories and 29 different states present in the nation.

This rich diversity of India is associated with the geographical and natural diversity as well as because of the people of the nation. There are different cultures and religion present in the country. Along with it, you can find different landforms, forests, and rivers as well as lakes in the country. All these factors add to the diversity of the country. But in spite of all these diversity, unity prevails in the country.

Geographical diversity includes the physical features of the country which includes diverse land-forms such as deserts, beautiful rivers, fertile plains, evergreen forests, lofty mountains, and long coastal lines. India consists of the northern mountainous Himalayan region, the northern plains that consist of prime rivers such as Ganga, Indus, Brahmaputra and its tributaries. There are plateaus in the Deccan region and Central India, and there are Ghats in the western region.

The climate is also not uniform throughout the country. While some regions in the country face scorching heat there are some that have a tropical climate throughout the year. Winter is stealing in the northern region whereas in the south they hardly experience cold weather.

India is a tower of veritable languages. At some places, it is also referred to as a Museum of languages. People belonging to different regions and races have diverse languages. In India, more than 200 languages and dialects are used which includes Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil, Sanskrit, Bengali, and Kannada mainly.

Apart from physical diversity, people belong to various races in India which makes it a beautiful place to reside.

You can tell that religions of the entire world can be found in this single country. Main creeds found here include Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists and Tamils. Even these religions are split into numerous sub-divisions and regional variations. These sub-divisions have variations in worshipping practices.

India has a rich culture and civilization, and there is a lot of diversity with regards to philosophies, ideas, literature, and conventions all over India. People here have different social as well as cultural beliefs. Diversity in social habits is evident in food habits, dresses, dance forms, manners, customers and festivals in different regions of the country. It can also be seen in the religious beliefs and various modes of life. West, East, South and North regions of the country have carved their diverse cultural niches. Various foreign rulers have also impacted the cultural diversity of the nation.

The diversity enriches the life of its inhabitants, and there is a lot of harmony in spite of the variations which is the reason for prosperity in the nation. There is university amid the diversity of language, culture, color, dress, religion, and beliefs. People here live in peace and harmony in spite of having differences. They also celebrate major festivals together. India is a huge example of the doctrine of one in many. People of India believe in the famous quote says prosperity is into diversity.

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