Essay on Courage: Meaning, Elements, Importance


Courage can be described as the ability to confront and control the fears that you have. It is the ability to confront life difficulties including pain, uncertainty, danger or intimidation.

Courage may also be termed as bravery or boldness. There are people who are courageous since birth while there are other people who gain courage later in life due to various events or happenings. There are various ways that you can identify a courageous person.

Elements of courage

  1. The first element of courage is self confidence. Most people who possess courage have been found to be more self confident than people with no courage.
  2. Courageous people have also been found to be compassionate towards others. They have the tendency of placing other people’s needs ahead of their own.
  3. Courageous individuals also possess high levels of They usually back up their words with actions that prove their intentions.
  4. Courageous people have also been found to be more objective than people who possess fear.
  5. Courageous people are also able to embrace the unknown more easily. This is because they possess faith to believe that things will work out in the end.
  6. Courageous people have higher levels of conviction as compared to people with no courage. They strongly stand with what they believe in.
  7. Courage will also give people strength in times of adversity. They handle problems as they come and do not run away from them.
  8. People with courage put more emphasis on action. They believe that it is better to prove your worth through actions than words.
  9. Courageous people also possess more leadership qualities as compared to those will less courage.
  10. Courageous people are also willing to face challenges. The do not wait around for things to happen but they stand up and confront their challenges.

The importance of courage

  1. Courage gives you more confidence. This is because you will be able to face various challenges and rise above your fears.
  2. Once you possess courage, you will be able to live a more fulfilled life. Courageous people possess higher levels of happiness and higher levels of satisfaction in life.
  3. Possessing higher levels of courage will also enable you to build better and more constructive relationships. This is because you are able to interact with people more easily.
  4. Having courage will also propel you to higher levels in your career. You will be able to negotiate salaries and promotions and also connect with your co-workers.
  5. Courage also improves our public speaking skills. You will be able to tackle the fear that may people have when it comes to speaking to large crowds.
  6. Having courage will enable you to let go. You will be able to handle challenges in life as they come and you will not have the fear to try out new things.
  7. Courage will also help you achieve your leadership goals. With courage, you can lead a team to success since you have no fear of failure or challenges.
  8. Having courage will also increase your chances of achieving your dreams. This is because you have no fear of quitting and starting all over again. You are also able to try out new things.
  9. Courage enables you to stand with what you believe in. with courage, the chances of being influenced are very minimal and you are hence able to stay true to yourself.
  10. The other importance of courage is that it leads to better mental health. Courageous people have low levels of stress, depression or anxiety.


Courage is an attribute that enables us to love more fulfilled and happier lives. The different elements of courageous people can help us develop courage in case we do not have it. By imitating these elements you will be able to lead a more courageous life and enjoy the many benefits that courageous people enjoy.

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