Essay on Books – Meaning and Importance

Meaning of Books

A book can be referred to as a written or printed material that has its pages attached or glued together on one side and then having an outer cover to bind the pages

The history underlying the invention of books can be traced back to the ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians developed the first written material where they wrote on Papyrus scrolls using reed pens.

However, over the years, the material used to make books has advanced and today we have the printed or written form and also E-books that require no print.

The importance of books

  • The most important use of books is that they impact knowledge. By reading a book, one is able to gain insight about various aspects of life. Through reading, you actively engage your mind in the activity and you are able to grasp new information and learn more about everything around you.
  • Books are also used for educational purposes. Without the invention of books, the modern system of education would not be a possibility. Every educational institution uses books to teach their students and students also write whatever they have learnt in books.
  • Books can also be seen as a source of entertainment. There are categories of books that you can read as a form of relaxation and to entertain yourself. This includes novels, comic books, and other fiction books. These books contain stories or life events that one finds enjoyable to read. They can be used to entertain not only adults but also children.
  • There are categories of books that act as a source of inspiration or motivation. These books contain either fiction stories or true life events that will leave you inspired and more focused in life. These books can teach you life concepts like how to achieve success, how to cope with challenges in life etc.
  • Reading books every now and then will also improve your memory. When one is reading a book, your memory retains the information that you are reading. Once you make reading a habit, the memory span of your brain will increase as you are able to retain more and more every day.
  • When one reads a book, you are able to learn new things that you did not initially know. This may include new theories, new cultures, new languages etc. Learning new things is also a beneficial thing to the human brain.
  • Books are a source of income. They are a source of income to the authors and distributors. People who enjoy writing books can earn a great deal from their passion and this extends to those responsible for distributing these books in the market.
  • Books are used to record history. We are all aware about the events that happened in ancient times due to records that have been documented. All the books written today will also form part of future history.
  • There are categories of books that act as instructional materials. This includes books like “how to” books, recipe books and manuals.
  • Books can be used to improve the imagination. When you read a book, you get the chance to create an imaginary world of what is happening in the book.
  • Improve our vocabulary. When you read a book written in any language, you learn new words in that language that you did not initially know.
  • Reading a book also improves our ability to concentrate on matters. When you read, you focus on what you are reading and making it a habit will hence improve your concentration skills.


As can be seen from above, books are very important in our lives. They can be categorized as the greatest invention of man that offers the most benefits. Without books, we would all have an oral mode of communication in which information cannot be stored for later use. This would cause the death of cultures and the ignorance of history. Everyone should hence make sure that they at least read a book every now and then and where possible, write more books.

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