Essay on Art and Craft for Students

Art and Craft – Essay.

First of all art and craft is the activity of making things with hands. Generally, art and craft is a hobby. As a result, it is mostly liked by kids. On the other hand, adults also like this. There are lots of schools in this world where students can learn about this activity.

Art and craft are gaining increasing importance in all aspects of life. Along with the development of science, logic, and math; art and science are essential for a harmonious and peaceful development of society.

Education in art and craft at school is considered a vital and valuable element for the wholesome and harmonious brain development of children.

Art and craft are good opportunities for interior decoration at your home. Art and craft can be a means of personal expression and choice, defining the personality of your family and house structure.

Art and craft are excellent career options in today’s world. In a globalized economy, the market for local art and craft has multiplied. There is also an increasing demand for high-quality art and craft leading to satisfying career options in these fields.

Art and craft are excellent media for the expression of peace and harmony across the world. Through art and craft exhibitions and shows, artists can bridge differences in society and spread better moral values.

Differences between art and craft

Art is the form of boundless work and can express emotions, feelings, and vision. As a result, art is based on creative merit and emphasizes of the art is ideas, feelings and visual qualities. On the other hand, the craft is an act of the creation of tangible objectives with hands and brain. For making craft it is essential to learn skills and techniques. On the other hand, making crafts, it is essential to know the right use of tools and materials.

Similarities between art and craft

As a result, art and craft are different in their functions. Craft is creating some productive things using the brain and hands. On the other hand, art is thought based decorative such as painting. As a result, there are lots of artists who use craft techniques for creating beautiful ceramics, tapestry weaving, crocheted sculpture, and jewelry.


Art and craft have differences and similarities. Craft techniques are used for art making, but art and craft are taught differently by the tutor. Increasing interest in Art and Craft all over the world has contributed a lot to a more harmonious and peaceful social structure.

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