Essay About My Best Friend

There is always a best friend in everyone’s life. Trustworthy, reliable, and dependable. The person who best represents me is my little brother Alex. Since the day he was born, we have grown up together. Initially, he got glasses because his vision wasn’t great, and it made him look like Harry Potter. He had to get them changed a few times, but now he’s like me and doesn’t need them.

I always know he has my back when bullies try to steal my lunch money! Alex stood up for me when we were in middle school when I was bullied. As a result of looking out for each other, everyone loves us both.

We’ve spent loads of time together over the years: camping, skateboarding, and just hanging out at home with Mum and Dad. We’re pretty much best friends – although sometimes we annoy one another because we’re brothers!

Whenever a match is on TV at home or I go to his games, Alex cheers as loudly as he can, especially when England is playing. He tries to get me into it, but I’m not as good as Alex at any sport – and that’s why he’s my best friend! And Alex knows more about me than anyone else.

During a camping trip, we toasted marshmallows on the fire while we were camping. We got them all around the edge of the flames and our marshmallows caught on fire because we weren’t close enough. They looked like two little burning people and we laughed until we cried! But even when things are bad, I know Alex will always be there for me…

Someone once said ‘Friends are God’s way of taking care of us.’ Whoever they were, I agree with them! I’ve been blessed with a wonderful best friend in my little brother Blake.

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