Education: The Value of Education – Short Essay

The Value of education in the modern world is vital to our understanding of the ways of the world. The modern world changes so fast, and so much that there is only a very small section of life and the world, that we can know from personal experience. All the rest of our information and knowledge of the world and of the life around us, we can only gain through education.

Education equips us with the different aspects of the modern world, how it works, why certain things happen in certain ways, what do we have to do to achieve something, where are certain cities located, when did certain historic events happen, etc.

In other words, education answers all the basic questions of our life and world – all the basic curiosities of our mind – why, what, how, where, when, etc.

Types of Education and their Value

Education in the modern world is not just limited to the basic understanding of our life and our world. It is that but also much more than that.

Understanding of the world

Though the education of Science, Geography, History, etc. we understand how the world works. We understand the value and mechanics of different scientific discoveries and inventions of our times. We understand why the historic events like World Wars happened and what they have taught us.

Understanding life

Through the education of biological sciences, community science, psychology, medicine, etc. we understand the nature of life forms around us. We understand the mechanics of life and what to do if something goes wrong.

Career and professional training

Through education we can choose the profession as our source of livelihood. We learn the skills, and get training in our chosen field of work. A great part of education these days is focused on the professional education. After school, when we enter college, we can choose our line of work, for e.g. Science, Medicine, Arts, Politics, etc. Depending on that, we can select the training and educational qualifications we need to acquire to reach our professional goals. This takes several years. The entire educational system is geared to train individuals into successful professionals in different fields.


Education can be of various types and all the different types add a different value in our life. It is important to have a good balance of all of them.

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