Earth Day Speech in English

Before going to speak about Earth Day, one must know what Earth Day is? Why is it important to celebrate Earth Day? This article will guide you with the important points that should be included while delivering an Earth Day speech.

What Is Earth Day and When Is It Celebrated?

In our entire solar system, Earth is the only planet that sustains life. Earth Day is celebrated to protect the Earth from all man-made harm. Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on 22nd April every year. The idea of celebrating Earth Day was suggested by John McConnell (peace activist) at the UNESCO conference in the year 1969. Later, the International Earth Day was declared as 22nd April in 1970. Various countries take oaths in protecting the environment and working towards a sustainable future on this day. On Earth Day in 2016, the famous Paris Agreement was signed among countries like the United Kingdom, United States, China and 120 other countries. Events like the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill and many other events that end up polluting the environment were the main reasons behind promoting the idea of Earth Day to save our planet from getting destroyed.

Why Is Earth Day Celebrated?

Many might often wonder why we celebrate Earth Day? For that, one has to understand how Earth helps in sustaining life on Earth. In our entire solar system, Earth is the only planet that has the right amenities (air and water) to support life on it. Through ages, Earth has provided us, i.e. mankind, with every kind of resource available to make our life as smooth as possible. Be it fresh drinking water, enough oxygen, proper landform, or proper climate to harbour life, Earth has given us everything we need.

To this present day, humankind has accepted all the resources available, but with time, their needs increased. This led them to use the Earth’s resources without keeping a check on them. In the process of taking away resources available from Mother Earth, we humans are not just drying out the resources but also harming Mother Earth.

The main reason why Earth Day is celebrated worldwide is to promote activities to protect the Earth and its resources. Through Earth Day celebrations, many people and countries take different measures to protect the resources of the Earth and work towards a more sustainable way of life. It is due to the selfish needs of human beings that Mother Earth is facing various environmental issues.

Ways to Protect Our Earth

Protecting Mother Earth should be our foremost duty. If we don’t protect our planet, then after some years, all the resources that we get from Earth will be exhausted. So while we still have time, we must take proper and effective measures to make sure that our future generations can also use these resources. Let’s have a look at all the actions we can take to protect our planet.

  • The first way by which we can preserve our resources is by utilising less land for cultivation. Large areas of forest are cleared every year to make space for cultivation. We should try to grow crops that require less area, and this can be done through the crop rotation technique.
  • Instead of using non-renewable energies, We should focus on renewable resources like solar energy, wind energy, hydropower etc.
  • We should plant more trees and maintain a proper balance between human beings and nature.

Though days like the Earth Day and Environment Day are celebrated every year, it is important to realise that you do not need a set date to take some actions to preserve the planet’s resources and conserve the environment. This is the only way to ensure that our future generations can also get to live a good life on the planet.

FAQs on Earth Day Speech


When is Earth Day celebrated worldwide?

Earth Day is celebrated all over the world on 22nd April every year.


Why is Earth Day celebrated?

Earth Day is celebrated to promote activities to protect the environment and save Mother Earth from all the harmful effects caused by human activities.

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