Doing Good or Doing Well | Which is Correct and How Should We Use Them?

Doing Good or Doing Well: Doing good or doing well, which is the correct phrase? Doing Good and Doing Well are both normal in English. They can have somewhat various implications however, as a rule, the two of them imply that life(especially wellbeing and abundance) are in a decent spot.

In English sentence structure, Good is a modifier and Well is an intensifier. A descriptive word portrays a thing and a modifier adjusts an action word. For this situation, the right sentence structure is “progressing nicely” as the modifier “well” adjusts the action word “doing”(it adds really meaning)

Numerous local English speakers say “I’m doing acceptable” however note that many individuals who appreciate right syntax will say” I am progressing admirably”.

What are ‘Good’ and ‘Well’?

A typical English mistake is to abuse the words great and well. The guideline is that acceptable is a descriptive word and well is a qualifier. Great changes a thing; something can be or appear to be acceptable. Well changes an action word; activity should be possible well. Nonetheless, when you’re discussing wellbeing, admirably can be utilized as a descriptor.

All you need to recollect when you are contemplating whether acceptable or well is best for your sentence is that acceptable adjusts an individual, spot, or thing, though well changes an activity. On the off chance that you’re having a decent day, your day is working out positively.

“Doing great” and “doing well” is basically exactly the same thing said two distinct ways. Obviously, English instructors will say “progressing admirably” signifies an individual is content, healthy, or effective. “Doing great” signifies an individual is performing acceptable demonstrations on the planet. To numerous fruitful business people, the expressions are presently compatible.

Examples of Doing Good or Doing Well

  • I hope you are doing well
  • He is doing good
  • She is doing good in her studies
  • I hope you did well in your exams
  • She is doing well now, even after going through such a bad situation


How to Use Good and Well?

It is feasible to utilize both great or well in the present circumstance in light of the fact that for this situation, we are discussing wellbeing, and therefore, we can utilize the descriptive word great or well.

There is an articulation “to do good” It intends to act in an ethical way particularly assisting with a foundation. In this articulation “great” is a thing.

Well isn’t superior to good. The fundamental contrast is that they are utilized in an unexpected way.

Doing Good or Doing Well 1

Examples of Using Good and Well

  • He did well in his exams
  • I received a good marks in exams
  • I am feeling well
  • This is a good coffee
  • At the end, it was a good day

FAQ’s on Doing Good or Doing Well

Question 1.

Is it doing good or doing well?


Doing good and doing well both are correct phrases in English that are used in different kinds of sentences. Many say, I am doing good and some say I am doing well.

Question 2.

Is it ‘did good’ or ‘did well’?


‘You did good’ is a grammatically incorrect sentence. ‘You did well’ is the correct sentence.

Question 3.

What does ‘doing well by doing good’ mean?


To accomplish social acknowledgment or monetary accomplishment because of acting in a kind or magnanimous way.

Question 4.

What should be the answer to – ‘How are you?


The answer to the question – ‘How are you’ should be ‘I am doing well, thank you’ or ‘I am well, thank you’.

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