Discipline in a Student’s life – Essay


Discipline is very important in a student’s life. In order to achieve academic success, it is very important to remain disciplined.

When it comes to education matters, discipline can be referred to as the rules and regulations that students are expected to follow that shape their code of behavior at school and at home. You cannot claim to achieve education success without having discipline.

Importance of discipline in a student’s life

  1. Discipline enables students to remain motivated in their studies. Motivation is increased since being discipline will enable you to focus more on your studies and goals.
  2. Discipline also leads to better grades. This is because when you have discipline you are able to concentrate better on your studies.
  3. Maintain discipline in school will also help you later in the career world. Being disciplined will help you to be able to interact with people and meet the objectives set out for you.
  4. Discipline in a student also leads to better time management. Students who lack discipline waste a lot of time making mistakes, resolving disciplinary issues and getting punished.
  5. Maintaining discipline at school will also lead to better relationships with your teachers and tutors.This will benefit you as a student a good relationship makes it easier for you to approach teachers when you have academic problems.
  6. Being disciplined will also make you a better role model. This is not only among your fellow students and peers but also among your younger siblings.
  7. Maintaining discipline will also enable you to relieve stress that result from academics. You will be able to concentrate more not only in your studies but also in your personal life.
  8. Discipline will also help you participate in some co-curricular activities. This includes sports teams that only admit students with a certain level of discipline.
  9. Having discipline will also help you win academic scholarships that will help you advance your academic level.
  10. You may also win certain awards at school due to high levels of discipline. This applies to schools that reward students who are the most disciplined.

How you can maintain discipline in school?

  1. You maintain discipline in school by having the right choice of friends. You should choose friends who are disciplined.
  2. Discipline can also be maintained through reading and understanding the school rules and regulations. This ensures that you avoid doing things that are against the rules.
  3. Treating other students well is also a way of maintaining discipline. You should ensure that you treat other students the same way you expect them to treat you.
  4. Another way of maintaining discipline is through creating a list of academic goals. This will ensure that you remain focused.
  5. You can also be a disciplined student through practicing being one. This is by imitating other disciplined students.
  6. You should also learn prom previous mistakes to become a disciplined student. This is a way of ensuring that you will not repeat your mistakes in future.
  7. Discipline in school is also built through maintaining positivity. When you have positive ideas and thoughts, you are able to work harder to achieve your goals.
  8. Discipline in school can also be maintained by seeking the help of a counselor. These professionals will help you resolve the issues that may be causing your indiscipline.
  9. You can also become more disciplined through better time management. This will enable you to focus more and avoid idleness.
  10. Discipline in school is also achieved through learning and practicing the virtue of forgiveness. This will enable you to create a peaceful environment with your classmates.


Maintaining discipline is a very important thing that students should learn. Academic excellence with no discipline can have devastating effects on an individual later in life. Students are hence encouraged to ensure that their academic life does not only reflect good grades but also high levels of discipline.

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