Different Types of Houses – Essay


Housing is an important basic need that every individual has. There are various types of houses that are constructed to help us fulfill this need.

The type of house that someone lives in is dependent on various factors such as finances, region, preferences, size, durability among other things.

Types of houses

  1. One type of house is a duplex. This is a house that has two floors built under the same roof. One person lives on the upper floor while the other lives on the ground floor.
  2. There are also cottages that are usually small in nature. They are usually found in the country side. They have walls made of brick or stone and have thatched roofs.
  3. Condominiums or condos are apartments that are individually owned. This is where an entire apartment is owned by a single person or a group of people. They can then rent them out to other people.
  4. Castles are also types of houses that are mostly used by kings and queens. Their walls are made of thick stone and have very high ceilings.
  5. Bungalows are types of one story houses. They are small in nature and usually have large verandas on the back or front.
  6. Apartment is the type of house that you rent. It is found inside a large building consisting of other several apartments rented by other people.
  7. There are also people who live in caravans/trailers. This is a type of vehicle that is attached to a truck or car that pulls it.
  8. Huts are also houses mostly found among traditional people. It is a one story house made out of mud and thatched roofs.
  9. Some people also live in They are mostly found in extremely cold areas. This type of house is constructed with snow or ice and it is round in shape.
  10. Flats are houses that are similar to apartments. The word flat is mostly used by the British people.
  11. Farmhouses are houses that are built on farms in rural areas. They are usually simple one story houses.
  12. Other people also live in They are types of boats that are made to be houses where people live in. they resemble a floating building.
  13. There are also hotels or lodges. These are the types of houses that you pay money to sleep in for a short period of time.
  14. Another type of house is the This is found in oceans and they have a light that notifies large boats when they are close to the land.
  15. Log cabins are types of houses that are mostly found in forested areas. They are constructed using logs or wood.
  16. mansion is a type of expensive and huge house. These types of houses are mostly lived in by famous and wealthy people.
  17. shack is a type of house that resembles a hut. It is made using cheap materials and is usually not well built.
  18. teepee is a type of house that Native Americans used to live in. This type of house is constructed using animal skins and sticks.
  19. townhouse is the type of house that is usually found in the city. They are narrow and tall building s with little or no garden.
  20. tent is a temporary form of housing. It is made from fabric and is usually used when camping.


There are numerous types of houses that exist in the world. There have been advancements in housing and some of the traditional houses like huts, igloos and cottages are no longer popular. When deciding on the type of house you want to live in, consider its size, price, location and if it is well constructed.

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